I am a twenty-three year old native to Nashville, Tennessee. I am overly obsessed with pugs and anything pink. I consider myself to be a donut enthusiast because I will enthusiastically eat one dozen donuts in one sitting if you let me. I spend my free time watching anime, playing The Sims, or going to the gym! I am a Nutrition major and love learning about the human body and the benefits of food. I am madly and deeply in love with a boy from New York, named Anthony, who I have been dating for 3 years via long distance. He is the person who keeps me sane and gives me foot rubs after a long day of sitting and blogging huhuhu
I do not consider myself to be a beauty blogger nor do I strive to be viewed as one. However, from time to time I will post about makeup or beauty products, but only because I feel maybe someone out there will consider taking my opinion about something (if I'm lucky haha). Also I just find it fun to blog about makeup/skin care! 
I've always loved taking pictures of anything and everything. I carried my DSLR camera with me every where back in high school, and had a plethora of Facebook albums full of random photos I would take. It's gotten to be such a well-known characteristic of mine that my family and friends know better than to start eating until I get a picture of their food first!
 I also love to travel and explore new places and my blog is where I write about all of it and share it with you all! I started my blog as a way to share my life online to others and I am fairly passionate about what I put into my blog and hope you all enjoy all the content I put out! 

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