Falling For These Favorites

September 11, 2017

Let's cut the chit-chat and get right into my recent favorites. A lot of it may look familiar as I mentioned them on Instagram, Snapchat, or right here on the blog.
  • Milk Makeup Dab + Blend Applicator: This silicone applicator has been such a big game-changer for me and the way I apply my face makeup. Since I've been mainly using skin tints nowadays I've just been using my hands for the application process, but by doing so I find myself with super messy hands. I don't necessarily use this to apply my skin tints, but on days where I wear foundation, this is my go to. 
  • Milk Makeup Ubame Mascara: I have been wanting to try this mascara out for the longest. It isn't one of those highly-raved about mascaras, and I don't know why! Don't sleep on this mascara anymore because it is probably one of the most lengthening mascaras I have ever used. EVER. My lashes are short and sparse but when applying this to my lashes, they have more definition and more length. Love love love it! 
  • Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff: Ironically I thought the two lighter shades of the Cloud Paint were going to be my least favorite, but out of the four shades, "Puff" is the one that I tend to grab for the most. It is not a vibrant hot pink color, but a very soft pink. It gives you that light sunkissed tint, without looking burnt. I find that I look more awake and it gives me a healthy glow. 
  • Glossier Haloscope in Quartz: I never thought I would come across another highlighter that I liked just as much as the Milk Makeup Holographic Stick, but I did and I'm in love. This highlight is a lot more natural looking compared to the Holographic Stick. If you're into the dewy-highlight look as opposed to highlights that are more metallic looking, then this is the highlighting stick for you!  
  • Shop Bando Planner: I may have mentioned this in a favorite before, but I'm going to mention this planner again because I can finally use it! I love going through the pages because of all the cute artwork and it makes me a lot more fun to write out your plans, due dates, ideas etc. etc.
  • Hot For Food: A YouTube channel that I've been binge-watching all their videos is Hot For Food. This is a YouTube channel that focuses on vegan food and recipes. I love watching Lauren cook all these different dishes and "veganizing" every day dishes. Her instructions and videos are ridiculously easy to follow, so if you're someone like me who is venturing toward a vegan diet/lifestyle then I highly suggest you give her channel a huge thumbs up and subscribe because you will not regret it! They're also releasing their cookbook next February, which you can pre-order now.
  • Pacifica Nail Polish: If you want a good quality nail polish that doesn't chip and is also vegan, you need to invest in some Pacifica nail polishes right now. I've never  been one to paint my nails often because they always end up chipping off due to my work, but I decided to buy these on a whim and I'm beyond impressed! The formula is thick but applies on smooth and dries rather quickly. After working with my hands all day, my nail polish still looked new! The three colors I bought were Viking Heart, Pink Moon, and Dark Desert Highway. Viking Heart is my favorite out of the three, it's a deep, red color that almost looks black. It's seriously perfect for the upcoming fall season.
  • Pacifica Glow Baby Youth Salvation Walnut Scrub: The one skincare step that I always seemed to neglect was exfoliating my skin, which is ironic considering I have dry skin. I was always reluctant to try sugar face scrubs because I found they were too abrasive, but then I came across this and I strongly believe it's "the one." The scrub is gentle on my skin but abrasive enough to where I feel it's really getting down into my pores and scrubbing away all the dead skin cells. My skin is literally glowing after I use this and is so soft to the touch. Love it and will be repurchasing this again ASAP!
  • Sabrina Claudio: I think I just fell in love. I discovered her music on accident one day and it has enlightened my life so much. Her voice is so soothing and the vibe to her music suits my taste so well. I suggest checking out her song "Belong To You" and "Unravel Me"
Ironic to say that I didn't want to do Monthly Favorite posts anymore and yet it seems I've had favorites for each month that has passed. But here's to a new month and to new adventures to come in September. I should be told this month whether or not I'll be getting my braces off in October, so fingers-crossed that I'll be receiving good news! Not sure what else is in store for this month to be honest. But I'm staying positive! Lastly, September 8th is about to be a good day, because Sam Smith is releasing some new sounds and I'm dying of anticipation!!!!

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