Photo Diary : Three Year Anniversary Trip Part Two

August 25, 2017

As promised, here is part two of my three year anniversary trip to New York. These photos are from when Anthony and I spent the day in Brooklyn, Coney Island, went to the beach, and just random photos that accumulated during our time together.
You can watch the talented violinist Lee England Jr. out at Coney Island. Be sure to give him a follow on Instagram to listen to more of his violin covers! 

Had to check out Screamer's Pizza while in Brooklyn and they did not disappoint. We ordered a whole pie and enjoyed eating it in the park. We then treated ourselves to some vegan ice cream next door at Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. Our tummies were happy. 

Anthony and I did some venturing out in Patchogue and as we were walking back to the car we found this shopping cart and Anthony was very adamant about pushing me in it. It was surprisingly really fun and we got a good laugh out of it. It kind of hurt my bum whenever we went over a small bump though lol. 
To end things we lit some sparklers in honor of 4th of July. We also enjoyed a small fire out in the backyard, but it was cut short because so many of the neighbors were lighting off loud firecrackers and whatnot. It was nice while it lasted.

I hate how short our visits to each other are, but we're staying positive and working toward making this our last year EVER of being a long distance couple. Because let's admit it, being a long distance couple has lost it's appeal, if it ever had appeal in the first place that it, and it's run it's course. We're ready for a new chapter in our relationship and that means finally moving in together! 

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