Photo Diary : Three Year Anniversary Trip Pt. One

August 2, 2017

Another year, another wonderful anniversary celebrated with my loving boyfriend, Anthony. We did the usual and I went up to New York to visit him. Well I guess I shouldn't say we did the usual, because we actually did quite a lot! My trip was earlier in the month, but I had so many photos to go through that it took a bit of time for me to pick and edit which ones I wanted to post! But finally, here it is, and I hope you enjoy!

These photos are mainly from my first few days in New York. We went to the city to see John Legend and Gallant in concert! While we waited for the doors to open, we spent the day venturing off and, of course, visiting some food places!
Time has certainly been flying by, it's hard to believe Anthony and I have been together for three whole years! And within those three years I think I've finally figured out how to get my eyebrows up to par with Anthony's haha. Also might I mention that this photo makes me realize how ginormous my head is compared to Anthony's. 

Bibble and Sip was like Heaven On Earth for me. Their baked goods were soooo mouthwatering and pretty to look at! They were also as yummy as they were pretty. I ordered their Lavender Lemonade and Melon Pan. Crossing my fingers and hoping that one day they'll decide to expand to other locations because I need them to come to Nashville haha.

The decor of the place were all alpaca-related and shaped. Look at this alpaca bush! And everyone knows how much I love alpacas, even more reason I fell in love with the place <3

A genuine candid photo of me enjoying my Unicorn Taiyaki Ice cream from Taiyaki NYC. It was so hot out that it started melting as soon as I stepped outside! I couldn't even finish it because there was just so much, and most of it just ended up melting in my hands lol. But we also go some Matcha Lattes since they were buy one get one free.

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you would already know that I had the pleasure of running into Gallant! I could not stop fan-girling, it was pretty embarrassing now that I think about it. But he's such a great music artist and overall person, I wish we could be friends haha. 

Be on the lookout for part two of our three year anniversary trip. I didn't realize how many photos I had that I decided it'd be more organized and easier to process all the photos in separate posts. But I hope you enjoyed what you've seen so far!  

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