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August 21, 2017

Nylon Magazine recently started a new monthly box subscription and I couldn't resist and sign up. I got the first box in a couple days ago and wanted to share with you guys what goodies are included in this month's box. 

About Nylon Box

The cost of the box is $19.99 each month, with free shipping within the United States. Each subscription will automatically renew until you decide to cancel it. Also with each Nylon Box subscription you have the option to also receive a free year subscription to Nylon Magazine. In each box you get five to six full/sample size beauty + skincare products along with other small accessories and stickers! To subscribe to get your own Nylon Box, follow this link

Inside The Box

Links are provided to where products can be purchased. 
  • Info Card : Just like most other subscription boxes, it comes with an info card that tells you about all the products that are inside the box. It included information about the product, the pricing, and where you can purchase the product itself.
  • Botanic Farm Mineral Pop Sparking Bubble Pack $28: This is a Korean skincare product and I've heard all about these fun, bubble masks. I've always wanted to try one, and now I finally have the chance to! 
  • Amika Undone Texture Spray $10: Sometimes we hesitate to wash our hair because we don't want to lose any of that texture we gained after going on a 3-day binge of dry shampoo. But we all have to be hygienic and have to at least wash our hair once a week, and if you find yourself with limp and lifeless hair you can use this texturizing spray to gain back the texture that you washed out. My hair is always full of texture and frizz, so I might just gift this to a friend. Or if I really wanted to emphasize my lion's mane, I'd spray a spritz or two of this and really push the limits with my hair lol.
  • IBY Beauty Dual Brow Highlighter $12: Get your brows on a whole new level with this dual eyebrow highlighter pencil. Use the shimmer end to highlight the brows and the other/matte end to conceal to really make those brows stand out.
  • Verb Ghost Oil $7 (sample size): I have been on the hunt for a vegan hair oil and this Verb Ghost Oil has been one I've been wanting to try!
  • Patch Ya Later "Wild Thing" Patch $12: A new addition to my pins/patches collection and I couldn't be more in love. Anyone else instantly think of The Trogg's "Wild Thing" every time you read this patch? Put this on your faux leather jacket or vintage denim and let everyone know that you are a "wild thing."
  • Sigma Beauty Shimmer Cream in "Brilliant" $16: Cream highlights are my jam because they give a more dewy, natural finish compared to powdered highlights. The shade "Brilliant" is a rose-toned highlight that can also double as a blush topper. The formulation is smooth and easy to blend!
  • Gooten X Nylon Denim Issue Sticker Set $8: Decorate your phone, your laptop, or just about anything with these denim-themed stickers!

Total cost : $93 // Total Savings : $73

 The items that I'm most excited about are the Bubble Foam Mask, "Wild Thing" Patch, and Verb Ghost Oil. I've been exploring more options when it comes to facial cleansers and masks because I felt like I have yet to find the perfect (or close to perfect) one for me. Fingers-crossed that this doesn't break me out! Also so so sooo happy to see a patch in this box because, I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but I have been overly obsessed to adding to my pin collection and felt that I should show more love toward my patch collection as well. Can't wait to see how this looks on my denim jacket! Lastly, as I stated earlier I have been wanting to try the Verb Ghost Oil. I believe it's vegan and it claims to help prevent color change in lighter hair colors, smooth frizz, and give your hair a radiant glow. I've been using the Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Oil but have been wanting to find a cruelty-free/vegan option. Hopefully this works just as well because the Living Proof one is almost at holy grail status for me. 

In my honest opinion, I didn't expect to get products that I actually liked but I was delightfully surprised. I feel I got my money's worth and can't wait to try everything out and tell you guys more about it! Really looking forward to next month's box and I highly suggest subscribing because for $20 you really are getting quality products and in quite a wide range of variety as well. Also you get a free year's subscription to Nylon Magazine which that alone is another $20, so a box full of goodies + a whole year of free magazines? I don't think you can get a better deal anywhere else.  So go, and subscribe to next month's box now! Also use the code "FIRSTFIVE" for $5 off your first box! 

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