Milk Makeup Blur Matte Foundation & Dab + Blend Applicator Review

August 7, 2017

Milk Makeup just released a bunch of new items a couple days ago and among those new items the two that caught my attention the most was the Blur Matte Foundation ($40) and the Dab + Blend Applicator ($14). Now if you've been a reader to my blog or have been following me on Instagram for a while now, you would know that one of my all time favorite face products is the Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint. And I also have fairly dry skin, so to be excited about a matte foundation seems kind of odd. However, with the weather getting hotter and more humid I found my skin getting a bit on the oilier side (especially in my t-zone) so I thought I'd give this matte foundation a go!

The foundation contains the same pore blurring microspheres as their Blur Stick (which is what I use to prime my face daily). Unlike the Sunshine Skin Tint, which gives a light to medium coverage, the Blur Matte Foundation gives a full coverage. As much as I love my Sunshine Skin Tint, there are days where I want something that gives me a full coverage in one go, rather than having to apply my base then go in with a concealer.

Shake up the bottle before squeezing the product onto the Dab + Blend Applicator. With the D+B Applicator I like to swipe the foundation on and then pat the product to blend. I would suggest using a primer that also moisturizes your skin ( I love using the Too Faced Hangover Primer) or using a heavy-duty moisturizer before applying this foundation, because it is very mattefying that it almost felt like it was drying out my skin. Mind you my skin type is more on the drier side, so this may not be an issue for those with normal/oily skin.

I love how my pores seem to vanish under this foundation and it does what it claims and goes on completely matte. Also any redness I have is gone along with any light acne scarring. I do find that I have to go back in with a bit of concealer to cover up any darker acne scars and hyper-pigmentation that I may have. The finish of the foundation is very powdery but feels lightweight, which I think is great considering most full-coverage foundations feel heavy on the skin. Throughout the day I noticed that any dry patches I had started to really stand out and I also did get a bit shiny around my nose and forehead area. It photographs really well in when there's natural lighting, but I tested it with flash photography and noticed that I looked rather ghostly.

So overall I don't hate the foundation but I don't love it either. I believe the foundation is better for those who have really oily skin. I usually stay away from products that are advertised as matte, since my skin is on the drier side, but I couldn't quite help myself with this one. I am so sad that this foundation wasn't the best match for me because I absolutely adore Milk Makeup as a brand. But on the plus side I will say that the Dab + Blend Applicator will be a repurchase for sure! It comes with it's own holographic carrying pouch so you can toss it in your makeup bag and not worry about it getting dirty or damaged.

Although it was weird-feeling at first, you get used to it and I love how I can clean it after every use. The Dab + Blend also prevents any product from going to waste, since it is non-porous it doesn't soak up any of your foundation therefore all of it is ensured to be applied to your face. A lot of people may be skeptical of how this blends and I will say that it is a bit streaky at first, but if you go in a dabbing motion then the application is just as flawless as the Beauty Blender. I also advise that you apply only a pea size amount of foundation at first because I made the mistake of applying the same amount of foundation as I would when using the Beauty Blender, and ended up with the thickest layer of foundation on my face.

Despite the foundation not having worked out for me I hope this gave you guys a better insight and cleared up any doubt you may have about this product! So just because this didn't work well for me doesn't mean it's not a good foundation! I would suggest that you still give it a try if you've been eyeing this!

If you order off the Milk Makeup website you get free shipping and free returns within the United States, also a free travel size of their Ubame Mascara. Might I mention their customer service is A1. At first I ordered the wrong shade so I emailed them in order to make an exchange for a different shade, and to my surprise they said I could keep the foundation I already owned and mailed me the right shade for free! So maybe if I find myself a bit paler, and for some reason oilier, I'll be sure to grab for this foundation. However for right now I'm sticking to the Blur Stick and the Sunshine Skin Tint. 

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