Have Safe Sun!

July 25, 2017

My boyfriend and I went to the beach quite a few times during my visit to New York. The weather was just too perfect to be spending it indoors! And of course, I never forgot to pack the most important beach necessity, sunscreen! But not just any sunscreen, the Glossier Invisible Shield. This is a total game-changer because it's not like other sunscreens on the market. Most sunscreens are thick, feel heavy on the skin, and leave a rather unattractive white cast after applying. But with the Invisible Shield, it's just that, invisible! It glides on clear and feels lightweight which is perfect for those hot and humid summer days. It also has an SPF of 35, so it's not too much but not too little! Also just like any other sunscreen, make sure to reapply when needed or just about every few hours.
Peep the Glossier gang in the latest issue of Domino Magazine. Thanks Briana for introducing this magazine to me, I had to pick it up as soon as I saw her post this on her Instagram! You can pick this magazine up at your local bookstore or news stand.
My boyfriend loved using the Invisible Shield! So that's another great thing about the Invisible Shield, it's not only for us girls, but our adorable boyfriends/significant others too! It kept us both from getting sun damaged and let us have plenty of safe sun!

Don't forget that sunscreen shouldn't just be applied when the sun is out, but all year round! Sun exposure is one of the main causes for pre-mature aging, and we definitely don't want any of that! So step up your skincare game and be sure to protect your skin and wear sunscreen. You can get the Invisible Shield over on the Glossier Website or at the Showroom out in SoHo.

Also for all your Canadian Glossier fans, the wait is finally over and Glossier is now shipping internationally to Canada! Be sure to subscribe to their emailing list and follow them on Instagram to hear where they'll be shipping out to next. Lastly, use my coupon code for 10% off your first order! 

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