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July 18, 2017

What's In The Box?!

I'm so excited to finally get my hands on some Glossier products! Glossier was founded by Emily Weiss and is a brand that tons of beauty and fashion bloggers have been raving about all over Instagram lately. They're a brand that focuses more on enhancing one's natural beauty and their products are more geared toward getting the perfect "no makeup" makeup look, which is what I've been into as of late.

I've been holding off on splurging, but I finally decided to take the plunge and I can hardly contain myself. I decided to purchase mainly skincare products since their slogan is "Skin First Makeup Second." I chose to hold off on spluging on their makeup products because I knew I was going to be visiting their showroom soon. Might I mention, and this may come off weird, but I was beyond happy knowing I was fiiiiiiinally going to own one of those cute, pink, bubble wrap pouches (which comes free with each purchase). They are just so adorable and make the perfect travel pouch or every day makeup bag!
Glossier's packaging is on point. Everything was tucked away in this sleek white box with the giant Glossier "G" logo on it. Glossier really has this "minimalist" aesthetic down and I'm totally digging it. 

Skin Is In 
The first couple of things I wanted to mention are the items in the Phase One Set ($45 USD). Like I said earlier I mainly wanted to delve into their skincare products and I believed the Phase One Set is the perfect start! 

WhatYou'll Get!

  1. Milk Jelly Cleanser $18: A facial cleanser great for removing makeup or just everyday dirt and grime that can accumulate throughout your day! The perfect start and end to your day. It is a gel-like consistency and is super gentle on the skin and eyes, not to mention does a superb job at removing your makeup! (maybe not the best at removing pesky-waterproof eye makeup)
  2. Priming Moisturizer $25: A primer and moisturizer all in one tube. Great for those who have dry skin, like myself. The formula is super smooth and absorbs into the skin easily. What I love is that it also incorporates an anti-redness complex, which redness is something I have the most trouble with. I find this my go-to when I'm in a bit of a rush and don't have time to apply my moisturizer and primer separate. 
  3. Balm dotcom $12: With the Phase One Set you get to choose your flavor/scent of balm, and good luck with that because they all smell soooo good, it was tough for me to pick which one I wanted! I ended up choosing the rose one with mine because I liked that it had a hint of pink to it. I didn't expect myself to love this product as much as I do, and now I find that I don't think I can live without it! It's a very versatile product that you can use on your cuticles, lips, just about anywhere! It's incredibly moisturizing without the stickiness. 
Three products great for starting the day! Feel refreshed and clean after using the cleanser, then prime and moisturize at the same time, and finish off with your favorite scented balm. What more could you want? (aside from more Glossier, duh) Might I mention, that if you're like me and fall in love with the Balm dotcom, they actually have it to where you can buy a set of 3  for $30 (saving you$6) and customize it with the 3 flavors you want! 
Have Safe Sun!

Summer is happening here in the States and with summer, comes lots of sun. We can all admit that we probably don't wear as much sunscreen as we should, and most of it is more than likely because we're not in the habit of doing it. Another reason may be because sunscreen just feels gross and is super thick and can be uncomfortable to apply and wear. However, none of these things will be a problem once you start using the Invisible Shield SPF 35 ($34). With this sunscreen, you'll find that applying sunscreen will become one of your new favorite steps to your skincare routine! It's not thick, or tacky like regular sunscreen, and the best part? It applies clear! No more worrying about that typical white-cast that other sunscreens give off. I don't think I've skipped out on the sunscreen ever since I've incorporated this into my routine. Seriously, best decision you'll ever make, and not just for the summer, but for the rest of your life! 

I am all about facial oils and serums, I'm always raving about the Sunday Riley Luna Oil, but I wanted to broaden my horizons and see what other options were out there. I was thrilled to see Glossier have facial serums and for a fraction of the cost of the Luna Oil, so of course I couldn't help myself and ended up ordering all three of Glossier's Supers. They all had their own benefits that it was hard to just chose one! They are $28 USD each, but $65 if you purchase the package deal, meaning you save $19! (That's enough to buy a Cloud Paint *wink wink*)

What Makes Them So Super?

  1. Super Bounce : Use this if your skin is going through a rough patch and feeling a little tight. The Super Bounce does a great job at hydrating, softening, and plumping the skin. During these hotter months I found myself grabbing for this more as opposed to a regular, cream moisturizer. When using a cream moisturizer, it can leave my skin feeling heavy and a bit greasy. However, when using this it not only moisturizes my face, but I don't have to worry about that heavy, greasy feeling throughout the day.
  2. Super Glow: Ever woke up and notice you skin was looking a bit dull? Or maybe you didn't get enough sleep the night before and now it's showing through your complexion? Then check out the Super Glow, which is designed to give your skin back that healthy glow. I use this every morning after cleansing my face and right before applying moisturizer. I have noticed that sometimes this does sting my face a little when I first apply it, but goes away after I work it into my skin.
  3. Super Pure: A savor to combat those random (occasionally hormonal) breakouts we tend to get every now and then. I like using this in combination with the Super Bounce. I would apply the Super Pure first then bring back the moisture into my face with the Super Bounce. 
Of course things take time and I can't honestly say which one is my favorite yet! (I've only been using these for about a two and a half weeks now) I don't want to get ahead of myself and say I see a difference in my skin, when it might just all be placebo. However I have heard nothing but good things about The Supers, so I can't wait to get back to you guys about my full experience with them! I will note that you can use more than one each day, but do not use them more than once a day.  

Last but not least, Glossier's most popular, cult favorite, and number one best selling product, the Boy Brow. How could I not order this with my very first purchase? I ordered it in black, because I felt since the product is advertised to help enhance the brow, that picking a product with color would be more beneficial on my end.This is perfect for those who already have a natural, thick brow, but can still be used by those, like myself, who are less fortunate and have little to no eyebrows. My brows are so sparse that they need all the help they can get. I do prefer wearing this after I fill in my brows with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, but I can and have worn the boy brow by itself, and I still love it just as much. The formula is a creamy wax that doesn't leave your brows stiff and flaky, it gives your brows the hold and fluff you need for that perfect "groomed yet natural and wily" look. 

Brush your teeth, brush your brows, and then maybe brush your hair

I am so delighted to have finally shared thoughts on Glossier with you guys. Can't wait to try the other Glossier products as well! And if you're interested in purchasing their products be sure to use my coupon code for 10% off your first order! I will be honest and say I do get $5 worth of store credit each time someone uses my code, but that's not why I want you guys to use the code or purchase these products. I just love getting and love sharing good deals and discounts and for great products like these, it's a win-win situation if you ask me. If you don't want to use my coupon code, at least be sure to subscribe to their emailing list for exclusive sales, product releases, and so much more! 

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