Day Trip To Philadelphia

July 24, 2017

Anthony and I have been talking about taking a day trip to Philly for quite some time now. We almost didn't go. But fortunately we managed to make it work and had so much fun! I can see Philadelphia as a possible candidate of somewhere I see myself possibly living. The vibe it gave off was almost like a hybrid between Nashville and New York put together. It wasn't quiet as fast-paced as New York, yet still had the same liveliness. However at the same time it was also a bit more laid back like Nashville.

The first place we went to, of course, was a donut shop, Dottie's Donuts. We heard about this place through Instagram and had to check it out, especially because they are a vegan donut shop! Their donuts were enormous yet light and fluffy. I had the matcha-lemon and Anthony had the cherry almond. Both were so yummy!
Look at that hamstring muscle. Unf.

We arrived to Philly early in the day (like 9 am early) so not a lot of places were open just yet. So we decided to walk around a do a little sight-seeing. The Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art was our first stop. If you watched my June Vlog, you'd see me Naruto running some of the steps lol. We didn't actually go inside the museum though. But not too far from the Rocky Steps was the Rodin Museum.

Welcomed by "The Thinker"

We started to get hungry and were on the hunt to find Hip City Veg. It took probably about 40 minutes just to find a parking spot. I was starting to get hangry and it didn't help that it was possibly one of the hottest days in Philly, and we all know I don't do well in the heat. But it was all worth it after we got our food. Anthony ordered the Zip Burger and I ordered the Philly Steak. Both were mouth-watering. If I had to only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be Hip City's Philly Steak. Yes. It was that good. Don't forget the sweet potato fries and sriracha aioli.  Mouth-watering.

A somewhat sexualized / immature picture of my boyfriend 

The heat was really starting to get to me, and made me not want to do anything but complain and whine. But as we were walking around we stumbled across this giant water fountain that people were swimming in. This fountain was Heaven-Sent I tell you, because it just made the hot weather more tolerable. We were both wishing we had brought an extra pair of clothes so we could swim around, but we managed to cool off just by dipping our feet in.

We couldn't really think of much else to do, and yet we still had the whole day ahead of us! To kill some time and until we thought of something else to do, we walked across the street to the Free Library. Then we walked to a frozen yogurt place near by to beat the heat. Then after almost deciding to go home from not being able to think of anything else to do, The Magic Gardens popped into my head! I don't know how I forgot about this place when it was on my list of places I wanted to visit!

The Magic Gardens is not your typical botanical garden. It's a array of murals created by different bits and pieces of what we would deem "trash." The artist behind the Magic Gardens is Isaiah Zagar and it took him about 8 years to finish. Even the Obamas donated some tiles to Zagar for him to incorporate into his work.

This was the last stop on our Philly trip and I don't think there could've been a better way to end it. I'm so happy that Anthony seemed to enjoy it more than I expected! Couldn't have asked for a more adventurous day with my favorite person to have adventures with :)

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