May Vlog 2017

June 15, 2017

We are well into June, but I'm going to take you guys back to what I did in the month of May. Trying to attempt to vlog more often! Instead of a daily/weekly vlog I decided to try to at least have a monthly vlog. The month of May flew by soooo fast, and so much happened! If you haven't subscribed to my channel and would like to be more up to date with my videos, then go subscribe now! I'm still in disbelief that I saw Tears For Fears and Hall and Oates live in concert! As you can see in the vlog, I was literally crying.

Some other highlights of last month include:
  • My cousin and friends graduating
  • Getting a second job
  • Being attacked by a bird....TWICE
  • China Lights
  • My friend Britton leaving for the Marines
  • Meeting Jason Brown!

I also had some of my brackets on my braces readjusted, causing me to have a lisp for a couple days, you might be able to notice it in the vlog. I hope you guys enjoy watching it! And look forward to seeing more! I am also working on a huge "throwback" vlog aka a compilation of videos that I never got around to edit hence me making a long overdue vlog of clips from way back when.

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