Milk Makeup's Mars Holographic Stick

May 1, 2017

I was beyond excited to hear that Milk Makeup was releasing a new Holographic Highlighter. I fell in love with their Supernova highlighter and couldn't help but wonder about the Mars one. A couple days ago, for 24 hours Milk Makeup had an early access event to get the Mars Holographic Stick! I was thinking to myself, "It comes out in a few days. I can wait." But then I turned right around and had a "YOLO" moment and decided to take the chance while I had it. The official release date is tomorrow ( 5/2) and you can purchase it on Milk Makeup's Website or on Sephora's Website and store locations for just $28. 
There's no wonder Milk Makeup decided to call this new highlighter "Mars" because the color truly does resemble the planet itself. The highlighter is a golden-peach color and gives off a very subtle highlight. Perfect for day time looks. What I love most about the Holographic sticks is that they are great for those who have dry skin, like myself. They give off a dewy finish without looking oily and are super easy to apply. I prefer to use my fingertips to apply rather than directly from the stick itself. I feel by warming up the product with my fingers, it enables a smoother application. What's also great is that this product is also cruelty-free and vegan! 
The shipping was super quick and only took about 2 days to get to me. The packaging was sooo cute! It even came with some stickers! Also not only did my package come with free stickers, but also a free makeup bag as well. I am seriously falling more and more in love with this brand you guys. UGH. Along with the items I ordered, I got a free sample of their skin tints and a mini Blur Stick! 
Comparing the Mars Highlight to the Supernova, they both give off that "galactic" iridescent glow. Obviously the Supernova is a bit more out of this world than the Mars. I found that when I wore Supernova out, people tend to notice it a lot more, whereas when I wore Mars people didn't really catch my highlight unless I pointed it out to them. Also I did find that when I wore Mars, by the end of the day a lot of it faded, but maybe that's just because it's been rather hot and humid here in Nashville lately, that I probably just sweated it all off haha. Overall I just think that Mars blends in a little too well with my skin that it's not so noticeable. But I'm all about that No-Makeup Makeup kind of look, so it didn't bother me all too much. I just thought that it'd have a better color payoff like Supernova. 
However, what I really liked about the Mars Holographic Stick is that it's not limited to being just a highlight, but can be used as a blush,a lip product, or even on your eyes as well! I used this on my cheeks the other day on top of my blush and it gave me an extra flush of color, making me look more awake and giving me a healthier glow.

I tried my best to get a photo of me wearing the Mars highlight, but the lighting didn't want to agree with me today. Believe it or not but majority of the products I used on my face today were from Milk Makeup! I primed my face with the Blur stick and then used the Sunshine Skin Tint in "Sand" as my base, then of course went in with the Mars Holographic stick for highlight. 

As you can see below, the Mars Highlight is very subtle against my skin tone, whereas the Supernova completely stands out. 
I am super in love with both the Holographic sticks, but would have to say that Supernova is still my number one. But I can definitely still see myself grabbing for the Mars Holographic stick on days where I want a more natural and warmer-toned highlight. Especially since summer is coming up and I feel this is the perfect shade to match with the season! So if you're wanting to purchase the Mars Holographic Stick for yourself head over to Milk Makeup's website tomorrow! 

P.S They are also releasing some other goodies like the Blur Spray, Holographic Lip Glosses, a Matcha Cleanser, and a Matcha Toner! So if you're sold, set your alarms and head over to tomorrow! Also a big plus is free shipping and free returns for those who live in the United States. 


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