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May 10, 2017

Beluga whales? 

As of lately, or well I guess you can say throughout my whole life, I've always been that one person that always has a weird story to tell. Most people say that they cannot remember any of the dreams they have, but I have never had that problem. Usually I can remember about 90% of my dreams the day after and they always make for a funny story to tell to my friends. So I decided that I'd start writing posts about my crazy dreams because I thought it'd be a pretty fun idea to share with you guys.

Recently I feel my dreams have just been getting weirder and weirder. For instance a couple weeks ago I had a dream that two of my friends and I went on a vacation to a beachy area. And there was a part of the vacation where you were able to feed fish to beluga whales. You could even get in the water with them! So my two friends and I decided it be a good idea to feed them. We got in the water with them and started feeding them fish, but we got scared because they all started swarming us and swimming a little too close. So we decided to get out of the water and eat lunch. But where we were eating lunch was still super close to the water and I could see the beluga whales eyeing us and just waiting for us to get back into the water to feed them. 

The second dream I had started off fairly weird. ( I mean what dream isn't?) I was driving out of my neighborhood and at first the roads were super clear. Then all of a sudden they turned super icy and I was like "FML" I got to turn back, because obviously I didn't want to wreck and I have little to no real-life experience driving in those kinds of conditions. So as I was attempting to turn around all of a sudden I was out of the car and standing in the middle of a mansion. The decor and interor was absolutely gorgeous. There were paintings everywhere, there was lush, red carpeting on the floor, and a chandelier above me. And for some reason I already knew my goal from being in the house, is to find my way out. But the house was like a never-ending maze. Every single room looked almost exactly the same and usually led me back to where I started. I suddenly somehow found my way out and all of a sudden night turned into day and I was at a pool party with my boyfriend, Anthony. We were trying to get some ranch for our food, but the dispenser was empty, so of course us being us, we were trying to fix it. I can't really recall how it ended, but that's the last bit that I remembered most.

The last dream I'm going to talk about still makes me laugh whenever I think back to it. Again I was in a car, but two random girls were in my backseat. (No, I don't think I kidnapped them) It was night time, and we were just randomly parked on the side of the road. One of the girls started freaking out and hyperventilating because apparently we were locked inside the car. I tried to calm her down but couldn't. She started breathing against the window, and creating that foggy smudge, I told her to write out the words "Help" to get people's attention if they were to drive by. That plan failed so I started banging on the windows, and eventually one car finally noticed us. Two guys came out the car, and this is where I questioned our intelligence. I rolled down the window as the two guys came up and told them how we were locked inside the car. I then proceeded to climb out the window and explain how these two girls were freaking out. The two guys didn't seem to question how dumb we were and told us they'd get us home. The two guys got into two different cars, again not making sense since they both arrived in one car together. I got in one car and the two girls got in the other. I sat in the backseat, and the guy started chuckling a bit and said I was adorable and didn't need to feel shy around him. I then noticed that that guy was the Korean Pop Star, G-Dragon. I was a bit confused because he had cotton balls in his hand, like it was normal, and continued to try and flatter me with compliments. I rejected him and said that I wasn't interested (I've always been more of a T.O.P girl) and that I had a boyfriend. He then put a grocery bag on his head, and looped the handles around his ears, then started eating the cotton balls while saying, "No worries, I'll win you over eventually." And that's how it ended.

Not sure what these dreams mean, or if they even mean anything. Usually I just have dreams about me being at work due to always being there and probably being somewhat traumatized from working all the time. I haven't had any dreams as of late, and maybe because I haven't been sleeping as well as I should. But I hope you guys had a good laugh while reading about what I dream about! 

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