China Lights Nashville

May 29, 2017

I recently went to go see the China Lights down at the Fairgrounds. I visited something very similar back in California, so I was pretty excited to see something like this come to Nashville! The display is in Nashville until June 11th and if you're wanting to go, you can purchase tickets in advance by clicking here.

Aside from the lights, the performances were fairly entertaining! I found myself "ooohing and awe-ing" more than I expected. My favorite performance that I saw was probably the Jar Balancing act. Mad props to that guy because he made it look super easy, but I don't necessarily recommend it for people to try at home haha.

I don't think I blend in quite well with the dinosaurs. 

I'm glad I got to see the Lights while they are in town! Hopefully they'll come back again next year! If you haven't yet gone to see them, make sure you do before June 11th! Perfect for date night with your significant other or just with a group of friends and family! P.S Also make sure not to wear sandals because the pathways are made out of gravel, and I was unfortunate to experience rocks in my shoes all night haha. 

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