The Legend of Eshie

April 23, 2017

My best friend's, Eshie, birthday just recently passed and we celebrated it in a big way! Her boyfriend was wanting to surprise her so he texted me and a couple of our other friends to help him out. Sad to say Eshie kind of found out because her boyfriend slipped up apparently. Eshie asked me told me about it, but of course I kept my mouth shut. She knew there was going to be a party, but she didn't know where, so I was trying my hardest to keep her suspicions low.

The Wednesday before her birthday I got together with Monty to make her a cake. If you want to see the inspiration for the cake, click this link (no pun intended.) It took us probably about 3 hours to make the cake, mainly because we were trying to make Link figures out of fondant, which neither of us had experience working with before. If you guys have both Monty and I on snapchat, you'd know the many stages my Link character went through ahah. But I'm very happy with how my Link came out, and of the overall cake! But then her boyfriend outshined us with this better-looking and better-tasting cake lol.
Also coincidentally enough Eshie's birthday landed on the same weekend of MTAC! So for the duration of the day, keeping her distracted while her boyfriend Ariel (@coolhandsariel) got the hotel room ready for the surprise party.
I am so in love with this picture because it shows exactly how our friendship is like! I don't know what I'd do without Eshie, but I'm glad we've still managed to be best friends after all these years. Even though we lowkey hate each other to be honest. jkjk
The Quad Squad just enlisted two new members, turning us into the Hex-Squad. 
I hope you had a great birthday Eshie! This is definitely one for the books, and I'm glad I'm finally not the only 23 year old in the group anymore. Sorry not sorry that my fondant Link was creepy. It was a night full of laughs and assisting a drunk Sam around. Again, happy birthday Eshie! Watch the vlog down below and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more vlogs. The ending was kind of abrupt because I didn't record the rest of the night, but hope you enjoy the video anyways!

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