Weekly Photos // 12.03.2017 - 18.03.2017

March 19, 2017

Coming back at you guys with another weekly photos. It's crazy how we're already halfway through March. Also today is mine and Anthony's 2 year and 9 month anniversary! It feels like it's been so much longer haha
Due to Day Light's Saving and having lost an hour of sleep, my sleep schedule has been all out of the ordinary. I woke up at noon on Sunday! And because I haven't been getting an adequate amount of sleep, my skin has been suffering! This mask from Lush called "Don't Look At Me" is a gorgeous blue color and smells of lemon! This has been my favorite mask as of late and I like to use it in the morning because it leaves my skin feeling super squeaky clean. 
Monday was a productive day for me. I went to the gym in the morning and got a good workout in. (My body is still sore lol) Afterwards I came home and cleaned up around my room. I found this Song Book and decided to do some practicing on the keyboard. It's been so long since I played, even though I was never that good to begin with lol. I definitely want to pick up playing again and want to get better at it!
I would like to call this photo "Bae Goals" because puns are fun and make everything ten times better.
Tuesday was a rather long day. Mainly because I had to be at work at 6 am and help cater this meeting. The day was such a blur, I felt like I was in autopilot all day. I went home and took a long, hot bath. My body was aching all over and I didn't want to move...but of course I had to because the water started to get cold lol. Unfortunately I did not get to enjoy any pie on Pi day, but I did enjoy a well-deserved nap.

Wednesday was an interesting day. President Trump was in Nashville. Didn't bother to go see him..because frankly, I did not care. But on a more positive note, it was mine and Anthony's 1000 day anniversary! I made a separate post in honor of the day, if you haven't read it, go read it here :)

Thursday was yet another exhausting work day for me. Went to the gym afterwards then Monty randomly texted me telling me to come over because they were making homemade Korean food. His dad had the Last Air Bender movie on and my goodness...that movie was more terrible than I thought. I am so ashamed that that's what M. Knight turned the show into. So glad there isn't a sequel coming out.
Friday was my day off, and I had planned for it to be a lot more productive. But the weather was crap and I guess it really took a damper onto my mood. My body was sore and aching all over from the gym the day before, and I just felt too exhausted to do anything. On top of my "down in the dumps" mood, my laptop is getting close to it's final days. It showed me the "blue screen" about three and then took about 15 minutes just to start up. I thought I could just persevere through and keep using this laptop, but it's really starting to show signs of "aging."

Saturday I had plans to be more productive than I was on Friday, but that didn't quite work out as well. I ended up staying up past midnight working on blog posts. I don't know what was going on but the creative juices were really flowing. Also I won a contest on Instagram! I was so excited when they announced I won, because I entered in with no hopes of winning haha. But like I said, I worked late into the night on blog posts (I've got 3 more in the works) so be on the look out for them! And add me on snapchat @katsangfroid for some behind the scene snaps :) 

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