Weekly Photos // 05.03.2017 - 11.03.2017

March 12, 2017

Sunday I had the day off and made the most of my day. I grabbed a late breakfast with Hannah and Monty. And let's just say when you have a gut instinct, you should definitely trust it. The place we went to eat at is called First Watch, and I knew which one Hannah wanted to go to, but I usually put the location in the GPS just in case. But of course, the GPS took us to the wrong location, and I just knew something was up while driving there. But of course, we finally found the right location. I ordered the Chile Chorizo, thinking it was vegan/vegetarian chorizo, but nope it was the real thing. It was still good though! Definitely one of the most healthiest and authentic breakfasts I've had in quite a while. After breakfast, Monty and I decided to go to this ginormous Kroger nearby. It was the biggest (no pun intended) mistakes we have ever made. Like seriously, this Kroger was so massive that it had a Starbucks inside of it. But like I said, it was a mistake going there, because it was so difficult to shop. There were too many people and because the store was so big, it was rather stressful to shop. To end the night we met up with some friends at Dave and Busters. 
Monday was a rather sad day because our fish, Darwin, passed away. We would've had him for a whole year this coming up May. I'm so upset because I had just come back from the pet store and got him more food and a new filter, only to discover he was no longer with us. We lost two other fish prior to Darwin, but I guess because he's been with us the longest, I feel an actual loss. It's still sad to walk by his fish tank not see him swimming around. 
 Tuesday was an average work day for me. Afterwards I went to the gym for the first time in weeks and it felt amazing! I ran a mile and a half, even in these old beat up shoes. From the gym I went to Eshie's house to pick up some of my clothes that I left there. The rest of my day just consisted of binge watching Bates Motel and working on blog stuff. If you haven't started or seen Bates Motel, I would highly recommend it. I am only finishing up season one, but it's already ridiculously got me hooked into it. 
 Wednesday was a super gorgeous and sunny day, but I didn't mange to take any photos because I was stuck inside working all day. Thursday I had the day off and I went back into my usual "day off" routine. I went to the gym in the morning and my legs are feeling like jell-o. I stopped by the grocery store on my way home to grab some snacks, and then headed home to work on more blog stuff. I was having a real need to be a "homebody."
Friday was a rather eventful day for me. I didn't expect to do all that I did, but I had so much fun! It started with having donuts for breakfast with Hannah and Deanna. Ugh the Lemon + Blueberry 100 layer donut did not disappoint. Lemon and blueberry just make the perfect pair and you put it in a donut...H E A V E N. I'll be putting up a separate post about this day because it's just too much to write about lol
Saturday, things got weird. Because it snowed. It was seriously 70 degrees earlier in the week, and I heard we were getting snow, but I did not expect it to actually snow. I'm like a child whenever it snows because I get all excited and happy inside. But no longer being a child, and having to do adult things like work, the snow isn't so much fun..especially when you have to drive in it. But by the middle of the day, the snow started to melt away, almost as if it never snowed in the first place. 

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