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March 21, 2017

Last year I did "Monthly Favorites" posts. And I will be completely honest and say that they were not my favorite posts to write. They were a bit challenging for me to come up with because I rarely had the chance (and money) to go out and try new products or go to new places. So for this year I do still want to keep my readers updated with stuff I've been loving and whatnot, but instead of these "favorites" being a monthly thing, they'll be more sporadic throughout the year. I feel by doing it this way, the posts will seem more genuine and, of course, less hectic on my end. So if you're interested with what's been "my jam" as of late, then keep on reading!

Beauty + Skincare
Starting things off with some makeup and skincare products that I've been loving lately!

I have been wanting to try products from Milk Makeup for the absolute longest. And I recently got my hands on two of their products and they have been included in my daily makeup routine ever since. The first product is their Sunshine Skin Tint in the shade "Sand." A little goes a long way with this product, and I learned that the hard way haha. The first time I put this on I pumped out too much of the product and it looked soooo cakey and orangey-toned. So good news, the product is in fact buildable but too much, and you'll end up looking like Donald Trump. Probably my favorite characteristic of this product is the way you apply it. The applicator is in a roller ball form, and you just pump the product out and then roll it onto your skin. I feel it is a bit more hygienic as compared to pumping a foundation onto your fingers, but that is just a matter of opinion and preferences. I prefer using a damp Beauty Blender to blend it all out and the finish is natural and dewy, perfect for those who are into that "No Makeup" makeup look.

The second item from Milk Makeup that I cannot help but rave about is their Holographic Stick. This highlight GIVES ME LIFE. I get so many compliments whenever I wear this, and people are constantly asking what highlight I'm wearing. My favorite thing to do is use my fingertips to dab this along the cheekbones and up to my temple then dust a little bit of the green emerald and blue saphyre shades from the Kat Von D Alchemist palette. Try out this combination and you will have this beautiful iridescent glow that you'll basically feel like a unicorn. You could also apply this above your cupid's bow or along your collar bones to unleash your inner glowing disco ball.

What's also great about these two products is that they are both vegan! Milk Makeup is a cruelty-free brand, with 60% of their products being vegan! All in all, I have become completely smitten with Milk Makeup and I'm already 6 products deep added to my cart right now on their website because what is self-control?

A skincare item that I unintentionally came across is the Mario Badescu Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream. I was at Ulta originally planning on purchasing a Derma E eye cream, but they weren't in stock. Having lost hope, I kept wandering around Ulta and wound up at the Mario Badescu section. I tried out some of their products before and unfortunately they did not work out for me. So I was reluctant to try out another product from them, but I decided "what the heck?" and I'm so glad that I decided to give this brand another chance.
A little back history, if you've been reading my blog for a while, you'd know that I recently had a mishap with my skin and it was super drier than normal. That dryness eventually went away, but for some reason my eyelids still lacked some hydration. But ever since I've been using this eye cream (I apply this in the morning and and night) my eyes feel super hydrated and look more awake.The formula isn't heavy or thick and doesn't feel greasy on your eyelids whatsoever.  And again this is another product where a little goes a long way. I use this twice a day, and have been using this for the past two or three weeks, and it looks like I've barely even used any product! So for less than twenty dollars I would say this is a lot of bang for very little buck (if that makes sense lol)

And I would highly recommend and suggest that if you're new to skincare or just getting into skincare that an eye cream be something to invest in! The skin around your eyes is a lot thinner than the rest of your face and is more than likely the area that'll show aging the earliest. This goes for both men and women! So if you're a guy out there, that's a little more attentive to his skin, I think Mario Badescu would be a brand to start with!


 I only have one fashion piece to talk about and it is this "Good Luck" shirt from Urban Outfitters. Graphic tees are always my go-to when I'm in a hurry and don't know what to wear. And I've been eyeing (no pun intended) this shirt for a while, but just didn't feel like spending the money to get it. Then I saw that it went on sale and immediately got my hands on it! I've probably worn this over ten times since I got it and I'm surprised no one has called me out on it yet haha. 
I've been trying to discover lots of new music as of late and one artist that I've really come to like is Mr.Little Jeans. The name is what really got me, but the music is what kept me listening. Here is a short list of songs I've been enjoying recently, including songs from Mr.Little Jeans! 

1. Daniel Caesar - "Get You."
2. Broods "Mother & Father" // "Bridges"
3. Mr.Little Jeans "Rescue Song" //  "Heaven Sent
4. I'm In Love With A Ghost "Flowers" ft. Nori
5. Jinsang "Trees"

I don't usually listen to music before going to bed but "Flowers" by I'm In Love With A Ghost always puts me right to sleep. You'd probably recognize this song in my "One Thousand Days With You" video! 


For tv shows, I've started so many new series. Bates Motel being my latest addiction. I'm finishing up season two and there is just sooo much going on that it's almost hard to keep up! If you love drama, thrillers, and I guess you can say, mystery, then you would enjoy this show! I do want to warn people that some may get a little annoyed with the relationship between Norman and Norma, but I think that's what makes the characters who they are. I admit, I was super annoyed with Norma in season one, but she starts to grow on you! Also if you're a fan of The Conjouring, then you'd probably recognize the actress that plays Norma (Vera Farminga) because she is also the one who plays Lorraine. I can never just "watch one more episode" because each episode always ends on a crazy cliff hanger, that I end up binge watching a whole season in one day! 

An action-packed series that I started, thanks to Anthony, is Luke Cage. If you're a big comic book and Marvel fan, then this name is already familiar to you. I didn't think I'd get into this show because I wasn't aware of who/what Luke Cage was prior to watching the series. Now I am patiently waiting for episodes of the new season to come out on Netflix. I love how this isn't a typical superhero story, where the hero is some other comic book nerd that somehow gets mutated to have super powers. Instead this is about an ex-convict who was left for dead and gained his super strength and bullet proof skin after an attempted experiment. Now Luke Cage is trying to start a new life, fight crime, and bring unity in the city of Harlem.

The third series that I started is called Santa Clarita Diet, which is a comedy series. I randomly clicked on this one night while scrolling through Netflix, and ended up finishing the first season in a span of three days. The show stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, and the two make a hilarious duo. I especially love Timothy's character "Joel" I think he is probably my favorite character in the show haha. But basically what the show is about is one day Drew Barrymore's character "Sheila" wakes up and throws up ten times more the amount as the girl from The Exorcist. Turns out she is basically the walking dead, and she can't die. But aside from all that she craves human flesh. So the main problem throughout the show is Joel and Sheila trying to maintain a normal life, but also trying to control Sheila's new cannibalistic appetite. I cannot express how funny this show is and if you're on the hunt for a good laugh, then check this show out! I do have to warn you guys though, that some seasons are pretty gross and a bit gruesome, so if you have a weak stomach, I would watch with a bit of discretion.

And that is about it for what I've been loving lately. Hope you guys found this post informative and fun! If you guys have any shows, products, or whatever to recommend don't be afraid to comment them or send them my way! 

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