Friday At The Frist

March 11, 2017

Yesterday was a super fun one. I decided to get out of my hermit shell and get out the house. I met up with my friends Deanna and Hannah and we all had donuts for breakfast as Five Daughters Bakery. I seriously need to cut down on the donuts, they are lethal! (Just kidding, they are super good but you will be addicted so beware)

After donuts we walked around 12th South and showed Hannah some of the murals in the neighborhood. We found this new one on the side of the Corner Music Store. The line for the "I Believe In Nashville" mural was too long, so we ventured elsewhere.

For lunch we got some sushi at Wild Wasabi. And right next door was the Frist Art Museum. They were having an exhibit on Buddhist culture. 
One of the most interesting pieces was this mandala made entirely out of sand. Tibetan Monks actually came to the museum and made the mandala on location. The mandala took five days to make, and there is a video included in the exhibit showing the monks making it. The exhibit is going on until May 7th and I believe the monks are coming back on that day to do a closing ceremony!

The Buddhist Exhibit was my second favorite after the Claire Morgan "Stop Me Feeling." Her pieces were absolutely stunning. 

 This piece is called "Chasing Butterflies"
Claire Morgan's installations/pieces represent nature/animals adjusting to live in modern day society. I would recommend everyone look into her art because they are so breathtakingly beautiful!

We ended the day at the museum. The three of us were pretty exhausted, or I was at least lol. And we all weren't dressed appropriately for the weather. The day was super deceiving, it was super sunny out but extremely cold. And now as I am typing this, it's snowing outside! Nashville weather is absolutely indecisive and unpredictable. But I'm glad I got to take advantage of the the "nicer" weather yesterday.

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