A Beautiful Friday With Johnny Cash

March 1, 2017 Johnny Cash Museum

Last Friday Anthony and I went to the Johnny Cash Museum. Anthony's been wanting to go to this museum for quite some time now, but for some reason we just never got around to it. I decided we postponed the visit for far too long, and we were in the area anyway so we decided to stop on by! The day was absolutely beautiful and the weather was perfect!
Rewinding to earlier that day. We got breakfast at Proper Bagel for the first time ever. And like I've said in my previous post, this is mine and Anthony's new go-to place. I am completely head over heels with this place. It's food, atmosphere, and overall aesthetic is completely up my alley. Anthony ordered the avocado and egg on a bialy bagel with a side of the sweet potato mash, and I ordered the Portobello mushroom and feta bagel sandwich with the micro-greens salad on the side. Although I did enjoy both, I would have to say the Avocado and Egg Bagel was the best thing I have ever eaten. EVER. no kidding. it's that good. 
After breakfast, we were driving around without a plan on what to do next. Originally were going to head out to East Nashville and hit up some vintage shops, but I noticed we were pretty close to the museum, so decided to go there on a whim. 

The museum was really nice! We both learned a lot of fun facts about Johnny Cash. It's so crazy how you can live in a town all your life but not really acknowledge or appreciate the culture in it. That's one thing I love about mine and Anthony's relationship, is that we both get to experience new things and broaden our horizons together.

To end the day we stopped by Soda Parlor, which is a cute little shop that sells cool T-shirts, different kinds of ice cream float dessert drinks (I guess that what you could call them?), and has free arcade games! It's the cutest hangout spot that I've come across recently and I will more than likely be seeing myself going there a lot more.

 I ordered the "Fight Club" drink, which I would highly recommend to those coffee lovers out there. I got the dark brew for that more "bittersweet" taste. It's totally my jam and you guys should try it out. ten out of ten would recommend. Anthony got the Cookie Monster, which was like a giant waffle topped with chocolate chunks, ice cream, and sooo much goodness. Check them out on Instagram and be sure to stop by their shop if you're ever in the area! You will without a doubt, enjoy the crap out of it.
I forgot what it was like to have an actual "good day." What sucks about growing up is that you get so stuck into a certain routine and you just grow content with your life. Life can be so bland if you let it, but if you actually go out and explore, you'd be surprised with what you find! This day was completely unplanned and unexpectedly so fun for both Anthony and me, that I can genuinely say I felt happy. I hope to have more days like this! 

p.s a vlog is in the works! I know, as much as I've been slacking on blog posts I have for sure been very unproductive with vlogs. But it shall be up within the next couple days, so be sure to subscribe to`my channel if you haven't already! Happy first day of March! Not looking forward to allergies and daylight's savings, but this month should still be fun! 

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