Weekly Photos // 10.02.2017-12.02.2017

February 12, 2017

Finally back to my weekly photos. I haven't been as dedicated to is as I had hoped but I manged to scramble up some photos for this past weekend! Also I decided to changed the section from "My Week Through Photos" to "Weekly Photos" because I felt that it was more fitting and although it is a shorter title, it describes the section just as well. I am also going to start including what I used to take my photos and how I edited them just to help out those who are curious to know the whole photo taking/editing process that I went through. 
On Friday Eshie gave me these matcha hard candies and I have been obsessed ever since. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love matcha and these candies were no exception. I used the camera on the VSCO cam app to take this and used the preset A4. A4 has been my favorite filter lately because it gives an overall vintage look. I believe one of my favorite Instagram accounts, Rodrigo,  uses A4 as his primary filter for his photos and they always come out looking absolutely stunning! 
Saturday was a very long work day. I finally got around to buying groceries and hopefully the dishes I planned on making turn out well. I also finished filing my taxes myself and I'm crossing my fingers that I did everything correctly haha. Being an adult is such a hassle. But I asked Anthony to send me photos of the snow they got up in New York and I am soooo upset that I am not there to experience it! I know it's childish of me to get so excited over snow but I just thought it would be so cute to play in the snow with Anthony and help him shovel the snow huhuhu. This photo was taken on an iPhone 6s and I edited it on Vsco Cam with the J2 filter and decreased the brightness while raising the contrast and temperature just a tad. 
Today was just another work day. After work I spent the rest of the day doing chores around the house and then relaxed and picked up where I left off in this new book I got. The book is called "How Not To Die" and it's about how studies are showing how converting to a plant based diet is more than beneficial to human health. The chapters really caught my attention because they all state how not to die from some certain disease or health issue. I'm barely finishing up chapter two so I can't really state my opinion on it yet, but it is pretty interesting so far. I used the Sony G7x to take this photo and then used the preset C8.
I don't really know how to end this post, but I hope you all had a good weekend! 

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