Night Time Winter Skincare Routine ft. Sunday Riley

February 13, 2017

I can honestly say that as much as I have always dealt with dry skin, come winter time it is the absolute worst. These past couple weeks my skin has been dried out and super patchy like never before and I almost cried because I felt like no matter what I did, the itchy, dry, red skin just would not go away. However I was fortunate enough to find three holy grail products that helped manage my winter skin and keep the dryness and dry patches at bay. A little disclaimer:: I purchased all the mentioned products with my own money, and this post and the products mentioned are not sponsoring me. 
Sunday Riley has been a brand that I put on a pedestal. Their products are extremely pricey compared to other brands on the market, but you are without a doubt getting your money's worth when it comes to their products. The three products I am going to mention are fairly well-known and are praised among beauty gurus and other bloggers. You probably wouldn't be able to name a better skin care trio than these three products.

Let me first show you guys the dilemma I've been dealing with this winter. As you can see, the area around my mouth and cheeks are peeling and super patchy. I have never experienced dry skin this severe! I know, super gross and unattractive. But it happens to the majority of us, especially during the colder seasons. During the day I would moisturize with the Derma-E Firming Moisturizer and apply it whenever I felt my skin needing a little extra hydration. I haven't even been able to wear any face makeup because my skin is so dry, but the silver lining in it all is that my skin has been able to breathe which I believe is also helping my skin in various ways. 
When it comes night time, after I cleanse my face (recently with just a cleansing oil and water) I do three steps. The first is applying the Sunday Riley Luna Oil all over my face. This stuff will last you f o r e v e r, because 2-3 drops is enough to cover my entire face and neck. I believe the best method to apply this oil is by warming it up in the palm of your hands and then patting it into the skin. A fair warning to those who are considering purchasing this product or is trying this product out for the first time, it does have a strong scent to it at first, but after a few uses you get used to it. I know a lot of people get turned off by the scent of the product, causing them to be reluctant to use this, especially on their face, but the smell does grow on you to the point that you won't even notice it anymore. 
After letting the Luna Oil set into my skin after 5 minutes I go in with the Good Genes treatment. I don't use this every night, only when I feel my skin is in need of some extra extra TLC. I use about a dime-sized amount and I'm good to go. I really like this product because it instantly brightens my complexion. And when paired together with the Luna Oil, I wake up to super soft and healthy looking skin! 
The last step, and most important, is the Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream. I don't know what I would do if I hadn't picked up a sample of this at Sephora. My skin would have probably been beyond dehydrated and crusty if I hadn't stumbled across this. This is one of THE most hydrating moisturizers I have ever used and it just melts into the skin with ease. It  leaves my skin feeling super supple, soft, and hydrated! I want to say that it is very similar to the belief Aquabomb moisturizer, they even look a like too! What I like about the Tidal moisturizer is that it is more like a gel and does not feel greasy or heavy after applying it. 

As much as I do enjoy the colder weather, my skin just did not agree with it this year. But thankfully for these three products they've helped me bear through the harsh winds a lot better and, most importantly, kept my skin moisturized! These three items are and always will be included in my beauty/skincare products because I just don't know what I would do without them.


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