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February 28, 2017

Today is the last day of February and also Anthony's last day in Nashville. I just dropped him off at the airport a couple hours ago. And you would think after 3 years of doing this "long distance thing" that you'd get used to saying good-bye, but it sucks every single time. I apologize for my lack of posting on here, and I realize that I've been doing more apologizing than posting and that is definitely not something I want to get into the habit of doing. 
 We spent our last day together eating a late breakfast at Proper Bagel. It has seriously become our new favorite place to go eat. Their avocado and egg bagel is sooo good. And while on the way there Anthony and I stumbled upon this unique infrastructure. Luckily Anthony saw the penis drawn on the other side, because I almost took a picture with it (how embarassing). We also spotted this interesting license plate.

Anthony only stayed for a week, but I guess we were really making the most of our limited time together, because it felt like he was here for much longer. I'll post more of his visit in a separate post because there's a lot to go over haha. (So much for chronological order)

I bought Anthony a blueberry crumb muffin for him to take on his flight, didn't quite make it lol. 

This month has just been a real...I guess you can say, test of character, for me. But I'm just glad I had Anthony by my side to help me forget about my troubles and make me feel like an actual human-being again haha. Overall, I'm glad to say good-bye to February because with this month ending and all the troubles that came with it, it finally feels as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can finally move on with my life! 

I hope your guy's month went well! I hope I didn't put a damper on anyone's mood. But be assured that I'm going to keep a positive mindset and hope that the month of March will be good to us all. 

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