February Life Update // Blast From The Past

February 7, 2017

I haven't been posting as frequently these past couple weeks due to many factors. One mainly from being absolutely unmotivated,the other from dealing with the daily life struggles. I don't want to get too into what's been going on in my life because I do want to keep some aspects of my life private. But all is well, or they will be. Nothing to worry about though! I am still going to continue my blog because I feel blogging is just something I enjoy doing and ,although it sounds silly, I am also very passionate about. 

Eshie and I have been reminiscing a lot on our high school summers. How we didn't have all these responsibilities or college to worry about. And how our group of friends used to always go out exploring to the most randomest places, no matter how far the drive. We also talked about how we used to always have bon fires. Those were the good days when things were simple. Nowadays our group still keeps in touch every now and then, but we rarely ever see each other. And coincidentally enough as Eshie and I were talking about all this, our friend Eddie called me! Then the next day we ran into Juan. We both took this as a sign that we need to get the old crew back together. Starting with Tarik! Team Paradiso decided to get together and have lunch with him. 
This was the spooky part though because as much as we were wanting to get in touch with our friends from the past, the place Tarik ended up choosing to eat at was my dad's old restaurant! It was a little eerie being back there. My anxiety was kicking in, but I mellowed out and found my composure. It's also very good to see that the people that took over the restaurant are treating it well and it seems like business has really taken off! I'm sure my dad would be proud :) 
I also got new glasses! I thought these frames were super cute because they were all clear. I've been getting lots of compliments on them too! I know Warby Parker has a very similar pair that I've seen around quite a lot, but these specific frames that Gudetama is modeling is from ZeroUV. You guys know how I always buy my frames from there, they're just super affordable and they have tons of cute styles! 
And to end things I just wanted to talk about a song that Anthony introduced me to and I have been stuck on it ever since. I was a bit surprised to see who was in the song because I was familiar with all three of the artists! Especially Tablo, I have been a fan of him ever since the Epik High days. I still know so many of their songs by heart and I wish they would go on tour again! But this collab, this trio. UGH holy. Gallant has been Anthony and I's man crush and we are wanting to see him in concert so bad. I know he's going to be at Bonnaroo this year, but that's money we don't have right now haha. 

It's just so crazy how when you feel lost in life, those who matter or just people from your past coincidentally come back into your life. You start to reminisce and think about what you have and how it makes you who you are and even makes you a stronger person. I want to keep all the friendships and relationships I have right now and hope they continue to grow. 

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