New Years In New York Pt. Two

January 6, 2017

Here is part two of my trip to New York. I know I'm being a basic tumblr b**ch and took some shots around the city, but I am super proud with how some of the shots (especially the one above) came out! Majority of these shots are of when Anthony and I went into the city for the new year :)
I took this photo of the Flat Iron building with my friend, Hannah, in mind since it's one of her favorite buildings lol

For actual New Year's Eve Anthony and I went to the city. I've always wanted to see the ball drop and this year Anthony granted me that wish :) Although we weren't as close as I wanted to be, the overall experience was definitely one we'll remember. We got lost in the Nolita/Little Italy area trying to find this one pizza place and when the ball dropped I saw a girl get punched in the eye (pretty unfortunate for the girl tbh) And I also had my very first New Year's Kiss! 2017 is looking good so far :)
Hope you all had a happy New Year! Also hooray for this being my 200th post on my blog!!

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