New Years In New York Pt. One

January 3, 2017

Here is part one to my new year's trip to New York. I still have a couple days left here until I fly back to Nashville. It's still funny to me how I find myself in this situation of flying to and from New York. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be spending as much time in New York as much as I have already. Although my visits are fairly short, it's funny where life takes you.

  My first day in New York was especially busy. I was running on 2-3 hours of sleep and I landed around 10:30 am. It was so funny because as I left my gate and got on the escalator, Anthony was behind me the whole time and I didn't even notice! I apparently walked right passed him and when I got outside the airport I called him to see where he was and that's when he popped up right beside me! I'm so upset with myself that I didn't get to vlog my reaction haha. 
I also got my second tattoo! I went to DaVinci Tattoo Studio out in Wantagh and got tattooed by the sweetest and amazing Jackie! And surprisingly enough she was one of Anthony's childhood friends. I still have to go in for a second session to finish the rest, but so far I am beyond in love with it! If you're interested in her work and would like to get a tattoo done by her (which I highly suggest and recommend) you can email her at and follow her on Instagram @tattoosbyjaclyn
Friday was an especially cold day, and the harsh winds didn't help! Anthony and I decided to get out the house and do a bit of walking around at Tanger Outlets. We were debating about ice skating, but it was a tad too cold for Anthony, and the ice didn't look very "skate-able" by the time we got there haha. 
 I officially feel a part of the family now that I've got my own stocking hanging above the fireplace! It was a very nice surprise to see when Ant and I got to his house, not to mention all the good snacks inside! 

This concludes part one to my New Year's trip to New York. Be sure to keep up with my blog posts by following me in Snapchat and Instagram @Katsangfroid! It's the best and easiest way to stay updated with when I post and also some behind the scenes of how and what I blog. 

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