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January 4, 2017

If you know me I have my moments where I can seriously throw down. Most of my friends say I have a small appetite, but once I get hungry / hangry, believe me, everything will be eaten. And it's pretty dangerous to put me in a city where there are sooooo many good places to eat! Here are some of them that I wanted to share with you and pictures of the food before I dug in! 
C H A M P S  D I N E R 

Out in Brooklyn there's an all-vegan restaurant called Champs Diner. Anthony and I have been wanting to try this place out for the longest, but the first time we tried to go they were closed for a staff meeting! Luckily for us, the second time around, they were open. The food was beyond my expectations and oh so good. I ordered the tofu benedict with a chai latte on the side and Anthony ordered the pancake platter. 
D U N W E L L  D O U G H N U T S 
Right down the road from Champs Diner is Dun Well Doughnuts, which is an all-vegan donut shop! It seems like the tradition for whenever Anthony and I reunite, we have to celebrate with one dozen donuts. My favorite one so far is the blueberry pecan one or the regular strawberry! 
B A R E B U R G E R 

While out in Queens, Anthony and I were starving and stopped by Bare Burger. We were under the impression that this place was an organic / vegetarian place, but they call themselves organic meaning genuinely organic. No added hormones are added to their meat, and all their animals used in their burgers are free-range and grass fed. However they did offer a few vegan/vegetarian options! Anthony and I ordered the Guadalupe and the Farmstead burger. Ironically enough I liked Anthony's burger more and he preferred mine. Both were still super super good and hit the spot. Even though it was slightly cold out I was in the mood for a shake and ordered the Cocovado shake, which has lime, avocado, and coconut shaving. 
T R O P I C A L   S M O O T H I E  C A F E 
The last place I wanted to mention is Tropical Smoothie Cafe. I believe they're a chain cafe found in 42 states throughout the US. My goodness the Avocadolada smoothie is the best! It has avocado, pineapple, and coconut in it and I have been craving it all week. And the hummus wrap is also to die for. I swear I eat ten times more healthier in New York than I do back at home haha. 
I love New York so much because there are just so many different places to eat. Nashville is slowly up and coming and their restaurant game is growing for sure, but isn't quite up to par with New York yet. That's why I love coming to New York and having a boyfriend that loves to eat just as much (and  probably a lot more) as I can. 

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