Farewell, New York

January 9, 2017

Unfortunately with trips, they always have to come to an end. Thursday was my last day in New York. Anthony and I shared our last breakfast together for a while and it was such a bittersweet feeling. 

Anthony and I went out to Patchogue and it was a bit chillier than expected! But our tummies were happyhappyhappy :)

Washing down my tofu scramble with a Bloody Mary ;)

 I love flying Delta because they offer T-mobile customers complimentary wifi and texting for an hour on their flights! Also I've never had a problem flying with Delta and they are usually my go-to

No matter how many times Anthony and I have gone through this routine but saying good-bye is always difficult. We're still figuring out when we'll be seeing each other again, but we usually see each other towards March / April. 

Hopefully the new year will bring us closer to finally moving in together, but life is always unpredictable so we'll just have to wait and see! 


  1. hmm.. i know leaving your loves one behind can be difficult moments but life is always about embracing change and exploring new horizons. I hope your dream of living together with A becomes reality very soon.

    1. This is THE sweetest comment I have ever received! Thank you so much for your kind words! <3


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