Vingt Trois

December 20, 2016

Officially not feeling twenty-two anymore and am now a member of the 23 club. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I didn't really have anything special or big planned in order to celebrate, but my best friend, Eshie, took me out to Panera Bread and seriously, I am so happy because that squash soup is bomb af. Here are some photos I took to help me remember turning twenty-three!

 I didn't have a birthday cake this year, but I'd take a birthday pizza over a birthday cake any day. Also who else likes pineapple on pizza? I seriously suggest people give it a try at least once before you knock it out. 

I feel that the older you get the less you do for birthdays haha. This is actually the first birthday that Anthony and I didn't get to spend together, but I'm thankful for those who helped me celebrate it, even if it was just something small.

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