Otaku Ramen

November 27, 2016

This past Friday a bunch of my friends and I went out for ramen at Otaku Ramen. They are located in The Gulch close to Urban Outfitters! There's nothing like a nice, hot bowl of ramen and a great group of friends to warm you up on a cold night. 

I ordered the veggie miso and it was super delicious! I've never heard of a noodle dish with sweet potato in it, but I love sweet potato anything anyway so I still enjoyed it either way. Also thanks Jeric for being the plug for that good lighting! 
The bathroom had a television playing live traffic in Japan..so while you're doing your business, you can watch people cross the street and drive around!

 I loved the artwork displayed throughout the restaurant because a lot of it was Studio Ghibli illustrations! If you're not familiar with Studio Ghibli, GET FAMILIAR! Because their films are classics. I highly recommend Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle, and if you are tough enough, watch Grave of the Fireflies that movie will make you burst into tears. 
 It was so much fun finally going out and seeing old friends! And shoutout to John and Joey, the two were visiting for Thanksgiving from the Navy. I'm sure we'll have plenty of hangs again when they come back to visit next month! Also I am currently working on a short vlog so be on the lookout for that, it should be up sometime later this week! 

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