My Week Through Photos // 20.11.2016 - 26.11.2016

November 26, 2016

S U N D A Y 
 M O N D A Y 
T U E S D A Y 
W E D N E S D A Y 
I didn't have class all this week due to Thanksgiving, but I felt I was busier than ever! On top of all the things I had to do, I got sick and my allergies have been flaring up. Do you guys know how awkward it is to just casually be talking to someone/a customer and your eye starts watering up randomly? Seriously, I always get allergies during this time of year and it's just loads of fun. My eyes get so irritated and puffy. 
T H U R S D A Y 
S A T U R D A Y 
These past two days have been quite lively. Wednesday, Coolhands Ariel and Eshie hosted a kick back and it's no fun being sick while everyone else is having fun haha. For Thanksgiving, I had to work, but made it home in time to have dinner/lunch with my family. Pumpkin pie is my all time fave part of Thanksgiving. Also my friend John, who is in the Navy, came home and surprised everyone! It's always nice to see old friends :) 
To end this post I just wanted to announce that I am currently working on a short vlog (I know I am seriously lacking on the vlogs) and it should be up some time in the next few days!  Stay tuned and happy Saturday! 

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