September (+August) Favorites 2016

October 1, 2016

Happy first day of October everyone! I've been a bad blogger and totally didn't to an August favorites so to make up for it I'm combining my August AND September favorites all together. I admit though, with working and going back to school I didn't have much time to buy or  any new products or cloths in the month of August, but I do have a lot of TV show recommendations! 

Starting off with one movie that both Anthony and I really enjoyed called "Chef." We randomly came across it on Netflix and now it's the central movie of our current inside jokes. Like, "IT'S F**KING MOLTEN!!!" If you're a lover of food, especially food trucks, you'd definitely like this movie. It's super funny and has a lot of celebrity co-stars. Below is the trailer to the movie. 
To give you guys a quick summary of the movie, it is about a chef named Jeff who gets a bad review from a famous food critique. The bad review really eats away at him and he decides that he's being held back and his true potential isn't showing. So he decides to start a food truck and it gets crazy popular. 
Moving on with TV shows. I'll begin with the only show that isn't an anime and that show is "Super Natural." Anthony and his mom has gotten me hooked on this show. I started with Season One because whenever I was at Anthony's house it would be on and I had no idea what was going on and had to keep asking Anthony to catch me up to speed. Although I'm only halfway through Season Two, I am completely indulged in this show. 
Now for the ANIME. As you all may know, especially if you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, Naruto has been a real obsession as of late. Like I don't know why but one day I was on Crunchyroll, not knowing what to watch, and decided that I should pick up where I left off with Naruto. I watched the anime when it first started showing on Toonami, but then it got cancelled and I never bothered to finish it. Now I totally regret it because new Shippuden episodes are coming out and everyone is talking about it and I'm just like "AGGGGHHH!" because I'm no where near caught up. Of course I'm skipping through most of the fillers but if you've watched Naruto, you know damn well that there are A LOT of filler episodes lol.
Photo Source: Anime Network 
And the next two animes I'm going to mention are what I call the "feel good" animes. They're the animes that are super happy and something you'd watch when you're having a bad day. The first one is another food-related show and it is called "Sweetness and Lightening." This show is so heartwarming and Tsumugi is just THE cutest thing ever! The anime is based off the manga and it is about a father and daughter who both love to eat good food. However, the father has no idea how to cook but one day runs into one of his students in the park and from there the trio somehow joined together to learn how to cook delicious meals. 
Photo Source: Anime Network
The second "feel good" anime that I just finished this morning is "New Game." It is about what it's like working in a video game production company and 100% of the characters are female in this anime. I cannot recall a time where I saw even one male character throughout the show, aside from random shadow characters in the background. Granted I absolutely loved watching this anime partly because it was so pretty. At first I didn't like Aoba, the main character, because she was super whiny in the first few episodes. Hifumi was probably my favorite character from the beginning to end! 

Some products I've fallen for in the past two months are the Original Sprout hair care products and the Anastasia Brow Definer in "Granite." I posted about the Original Sprout products before and you can find it here. But I know in that post I stated that the products may not be cruelty-free, but I stand-corrected and they are in fact cruelty-free! So if you're looking for a vegan and cruelty-free hair care products to try out, I would definitely look into these. They make my hair feel super soft and works really well with my thick coarse hair. I'm almost running out and I'll for sure be restocking these soon! As for eyebrows, I always grab for my duo brow powders from Anastasia Beverly Hills, but I was wanting something easier to travel with and I ended up buying the brow definer. I love how the tip of the pencil/product is slanted because it makes drawing out any hairs or the outline of your eyebrow a lot easier. It is my go-to for when I'm running late or don't have a lot of time to get ready! 

Lastly I do have a few shirts I wanted to mention. I've been adding more graphic t's to my closet and I have been constantly rotating through these three throughout the months. The first one is one I got from a local thrift shop called Top Knot Vintage. I'm sure you guys are familiar with them because I've mentioned them on the blog before heh heh. As soon as the saw the print on the shirt I knew I had to get it. I grew up on The Simpsons and I am slightly biased and attracted to almost anything Simpsons related. The next two are from Brandy Melville and they're both just some classic rock band T's. I love band T's because they make getting ready in the morning super quick and easy and they can be dressed up or dressed down. Am I the only one that only buys band tees to bands they listen to? I feel if I wear a band tee to a band I don't listen to, it's just kind of misleadng. What if someone who actually listens to that band comes up to me and asked me what my favorite song by them was? I'd feel so embarrassed for not knowing how to answer lol. But that's just me. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a band tee just because you liked the design!!! But while we're on the topic of music I do have one song recommendation for this month(s) favorites and that is Aluna George's (no surprise) "Not Above Love." No lie, I listened to this song for an entire month straight and I just can't help myself it's such a good song and I love listening to it whenever I'm in the car. 

Well that wraps up this month's favorites. I know it was kind of a long one since I was doing both August and September. But I'm looking forward to the month of October because the weather is getting colder, I can finally wear leggings all the time without being judged and the best part.. not having to shave my legs for the rest of the year lol. 

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