Labor Day Weekend

October 7, 2016

My Labor Day vlog is finally up! I know I am extremely late but I honestly have no excuse. I was just putting it off for so long and I thought it was about time I stopped slacking off! But Labor Day this year was definitely one for the books. If you want to watch the vlog you can watch it over in the sidebar on my blog page or if you don't see it there you can go watch it on my YouTube channel by clicking here! Hope you enjoy! :)

The main reason Labor Day Weekend was so enjoyable is because Anthony was in town and we finally got to spend a holiday together! Sure, the holiday was Labor Day but eh, you take what you can get. This was the perfect weekend for Anthony to be here and we ended up doing so many new things! 

Rock climbing being one of them and I was going in super excited but I left realizing I had an irrational fear of heights lol. I even cried because I was so scared. (I'm a cry baby, so what?) But then I start sounding like a hypocritical fool when I say we went cliff diving and even though I'm badly bruised from the experience, I manged to jump.

Yummy food from Graze Nashville, The Pharmacy Burger, and Five Points Pizza! (All vegan/vegetarian)

I'm really glad I started these vlogs and blog posts, because it's really fun to look back on these events and relive them. Granted I still very much suck at vlogging, it's a start, right? I am already super excited for the New Year's vlog because I'll be in New York! So Ant and I would have spent two holidays together this year, and this time a semi-more-meaningful holiday instead of something like Labor Day lol. But hey, Columbus Day is right around the corner, maybe something exciting might happen then lol

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