Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween everyone! Sad to say good-bye to October. Although this month has been crazy hectic and stressful, October is still one of my all-time favorites months of the year! Be sure to stay alert and safe tonight if you're going Trick-Or-Treating! Hope you guys get lots of good candy!  
My friend Kenny was kind enough to take my pictures for the blog lol. It's honestly still super awkward having someone else take my photos.
-What I'm Wearing-
Hat : Forever 21 // Sweater + Skirt : Brandy Melville 
Belt : Top Knot Vintage // Shoes: Target // Pumpkin : Home Depot  
I honestly forgot it was Halloween. I don't know what day I thought it was, but something is wrong with my internal calendar that I thought Halloween had passed already but was also still another month away. This is what the final month of the semester does to you, it messes with your brain and you don't know what day it is anymore.
Anyway. Have a Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe and have fun tonight! 

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