Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Review + Coupon Code

September 12, 2016

Body odor is one thing I cannot stand, especially if it's coming from me. I don't know what it is but I have this fear of smelling bad. And if I feel I'm giving off a bad smell that people start to "sniff" the air around me that's when I get crazy anxious. Trust me, I shower and just like anybody else I use deodorants and perfumes to ensure that I smell nice and clean. But unfortunately for me I am one of those people that sweat easily so regular deodorants wouldn't cut it for me so I used the "clinical" ones. They worked wonders! I could go all day without worrying about pit stains on my shirt or if my underarms were smelling a little ripe. Then one day on Instagram this deodorant brand called Schmidt's followed me and I decided to check them out.
Schmidt's is an all natural, vegan, and gluten-free deodorant line and all their products claim to be free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, and phthalates. And as we all know most deodorants on the markets include the prior ingredients, aluminum being the main one. After looking into this brand it made me rethink about what I was putting onto my body and the ingredients in products I used. I often heard negative comments about how majority of deodorants on the market contained aluminum and how it was especially harmful towards women in terms of getting breast cancer. The thought of it, I'll admit, scared the hell out of me. Because when we think of aluminum, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, aluminum foil, or to be more scientific a metal. Doesn't that sound kind of sketchy to be putting a product onto your body that contains a metal? We're not robots, guys, I don't think metals are supposed to be absorbed into our bodies at the least bit, and that is why I was super excited to be introduced to this brand and couldn't wait to try out one of their products!
About The Product 
As I said earlier, Schmidt's is an all-natural, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan product. Their deodorants come in either a stick or a jar. The jar really intrigued me because I've always seen deodorants in the stick form, as a roll on, or spray form, but never in a jar. I was leaning toward buying one but I thought having the stick version would be more convenient for me. Both the jars and stick deodorants sell between $9-$12 which actually surprised me because usually companies vary their prices based off packaging. Also if you're like me and you're not too crazy about scented products they do give you an option of "Fragrance Free" deodorants. But I felt adventurous and decided to, of course, go with the pink one which is the Rose Vanilla. 
Shipping was rather quick and I want to say it took a little less than a week for the product to be delivered to me. The shipping costs depends on the quantity of items bought. I'm not one hundred percent sure if free shipping is offered after spending a certain amount, but you can check out their shipping rates by following this link. But if you sign up as a Club Deo Member you get a discount code for 10% off so be sure to sign up and save! 
First Impressions + Overall Thoughts
When I first got the products, visually this looked very plain and, I guess you can say, bland. The deodorant is in a simple, white "container-thing" and it has the front label and the back label. I mean, what more do you expect out of deodorant? When I first opened it up I was kind of thrown off a bit because the product itself looked very grainy and kind of like a sugar-scrub. When I applied it to my underarm area it felt rather rough and I felt I was more of less giving my armpits an exfoliation rather than getting rid of stank. But then I later on learned that there is a specific technique you are supposed to apply this deodorant. You're supposed to press the product against your skin (in this case your underarm) so that way the warmth of your body softens the product first for a smoother application.
After applying the product for the first time, the smell was so overwhelming, but in a good way. The scent (Rose Vanilla) was floral yet also sweet. It wasn't too strong that you're literally choking in my scent, but was noticeable enough to cover up any stankiness. The deodorant didn't leave a white cast on my skin or onto my clothes which was a big plus in my book because I would hate using all those other deodorants and realize that after putting my shirt on that I had these unintentional, white stripes on my shirt. 
Also one key thing I wanted to talk about is this myth that with these natural deodorants that at first they make you smell that because your body isn't used to it, then after your body has adapted to the formula then you'll be smelling fresh and clean. I'm not sure whether or not this is necessarily true because with this specific brand I didn't come across that problem whatsoever. If anything I didn't smell like anything other than the product for the first week of use. 
And now for the final verdict that I'm sure all of you are wanting to know: does this actually work? And after using this product for about two months now I can confidently say this actually does work. It doesn't work as well as the clinical brands (where you literally don't even sweat at all) but I find myself with less pits stains than usual and I smell awfully good too! If you're on the market for a natural, cruelty-free and 100% vegan deodorant than this is definitely one to look into. It's affordable and comes in various, good smelling scents. (Or no scent if that's your thangggg) If you're interested in these deodorants you can check them out at their website! They also just announced that they are now offering trial/travel sized deodorants in both their stick and jar form for only $3.99 each on their etsy site! So if you're not sure about which scent you want or just want to try them all out without fully committing you should definitely check them out. Also use the code " TRAVELER " for free shipping <3
Hooray for good smelling pits without the scary ingredients! 

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