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September 24, 2016

Hey everyone! If you follow me on other social media platforms you would already be aware of the story of how Anthony and I found Bronx. But to get all of you guys up to speed Anthony and I were on our way to the grocery store when we saw him running around in the middle of the street. The street we found him is quiet busy and at the bottom of a hill so any car going down too fast might have hit him. We decided to take him into my car and try to find his owner(s). We first started driving around the neighborhood and visited some apartment complexes. But we decided that we couldn't just aimlessly go from house to house asking if someone was missing their dog. So we decided to go to the PetCo near by and they directed us to go to the veterinarian's office a couple blocks away. When we got to the vet's office, the nurses claimed to have known the dog and that he's been there before. And after scanning his chip, turns out he actually goes to that actual vet's office and they knew who his owner(s) were! But oddly enough the nurse said she couldn't contact his owner(s) because she "had to go through all this paperwork," so she told us were were going to have to take him to the Metro Animal Shelter.  So we did just that and had to give Bronx to the shelter. The shelter managed to find Bronx's owner's information and contacted them via phone call, unfortunately though they did not answer so a voicemail was left. 

It has been almost a whole month and Bronx is still at the shelter so it's clear that the owners do not care or intend to bring Bronx back home any time soon. So if anyone reading this lives in the Nashville area or knows of anyone who is looking to adopt a dog please let me know! Or even yet stop by the animal shelter and see Bronx for yourself. He is the absolute sweetest dog ever and I know a lot of people are going to question why I haven't adopted him myself. And to answer that I honestly am not prepared to take care of a dog and if I were to adopt him I want to be 100% confident that I will be able to provide him a good home, but right now I know I can't. I want to make sure Bronx, and all the other pets, get adopted into a good home and a home that won't end up bringing him back to the shelter. Please adopt! There are plenty of animals in shelters waiting for a home. If you've ever been in a shelter you'd know how depressing it is to be in there. 

You can call the animal shelter at  (615) 862-7928 and ask for information about animal ID number A132451. 
Or you can go to Pet Harbor's website and follow these steps. 
1. Under City put "Nashville" 
2. click "Adopt A Pet"
3. select the Nashville/Davidson County Metro Animal Control. 
4. Click "Search Shelter"
5. Select the dog icon

Here you'll be able to see all the animals up for adoption (including Bronx)

Also the Nashville Shelter does not euthanize any of their animals. 
I'm sure the shelter is doing the best they can to take care of all these animals, but these animals need a home and adoption is the best thing to happen to a pet! So please Adopt and Don't Shop! 


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