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August 10, 2016

Original Sprout : Natural Hair Care Products

Lately I've been trying to use nothing but cruelty-free/vegan products when it comes to my makeup and hair. Although I'm still learning about different brands, my cousin Vincent gifted me these three hair care products from the brand Original Sprout. I don't think he really knew what he was getting at the time, but turns out the brand was 100% vegan. 
About The Brand
I never heard about this brand before so I decided to do some more research on them. The brand was founded in 2003 by Inga Tritt. Tritt was a new mother at the time and wanted to use nothing but safe bath products on her children, and after being indifferent toward other baby products on the market, she decided to create her own line in which Original Sprout was made. 
About The Products
The three products I will be reviewing today are the shampoo, conditioner, and the leave in conditioner. All three can be bought on the Original Sprout Website, Amazon, or at select hair salons. All their products come in various sizes from travel, full size, to family size. I believe the ones I have are the full size bottles and all three have the pump attached to the top. 
Initial Thoughts
I could not wait to try these products out because my hair has been through so much and has become so damaged throughout the years that I've almost given up on trying to revive my hair. I felt that all the products I've used in the past just weren't cutting it and or were only a temporary fix. Since these products were 100% vegan I thought it could only help my hair rather than damage it more. Of course the first thing I always notice about a product is the scent. And all three products have that "soap" kind of smell that kind of also reminds me of laundry detergent. I guess for a lack of a better description it just has that overall "clean/soap" smell. 
Day One
The first thing I noticed when I started using this product is that it does not lather up very well. I had to pump the product about 8-10 times in order to get it to cover my whole hair (although that may be due to how lengthy my hair is). Even after I managed to cover my whole hair with product it was still hard to get a good lather and it felt it just kind of sat on top of my hair. It was still easy to wash out though. When I used the conditioner (I broke the pump, no surprise there) it was okay. I only felt a slight softness added to my hair after I worked it into my hair. I used my Wet Brush to comb everything through and sure enough all the tangles in my hair were no more. 
After I got out of the shower I just let my hair air dry and I did notice that my hair felt relatively lighter. 
Day Two
I prefer to wash my hair every other day and usually go about 3-4 days without washing it. Therefore I didn't use the product on day two, but when I woke up the day after washing my hair I was a bit disappointed because I hair felt drier than usual. However throughout the day I noticed that I just could not stop touching my hair, and it wasn't because it was dry, but it felt way softer and, surprisingly somehow, moisturized? Maybe it has to do with the fact that I kept running my fingers though my hair and the oils in my hair clung onto my hands and therefore ended up being worked into the rest of my hair. My ends were still pretty dry feeling, but I've come to terms that my ends will always be dry. 
Day Three - Five
I finally washed my hair again after three days. This time I used all three of the products (shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner). The leave-in conditioner has such a strong chemical-kind of smell that it really turned me off from the product. My hair was already noticeably softer/lighter just using the shampoo and conditioner so I wasn't sure if I needed to even use the leave-in conditioner. At first the leave-in conditioner made my hair feel somewhat greasy and heavy to the point that I kind of got a headache. All of that went away the next day though and my hair felt a whole lot healthier, moisturized, and even thicker. I was really starting to like how this product and my hair were agreeing. 
Vegan But Not Cruelty-Free?
I'm still a bit confused and unsure if this product is cruelty-free. I did some research and kept getting mixed results. I usually go and check Cruelty Free Kitty's website to double check the list of cruelty-free products but Original Sprout didn't pop up anywhere. I also checked the Peta website and also came out empty-handed. However with this specific line, Original Sprout, the only time I saw this product claim to be cruelty-free is on the product bottle itself, yet no where on the website does it support this claim. So excuse my ignorance, but I'm guessing a product can still be classified as Vegan but not be cruelty-free? The Original Sprout website has meticulously chosen their advertisement as "worry-free" rather than "cruelty-free" thus leading me to believe that these products may not be cruelty-free but simply a product containing ingredients in which consumers need not to worry about harmful chemicals, added hormones, and so on and so forth. 
The products seemed to agree and work well with my thick and coarse hair. I did notice a difference in the appearance and texture of my hair which would set me towards the possibility of purchasing the product again. I've also been getting compliments on how much healthier my hair looks as well! I'm very much against animal cruelty and animal-testing so I try my hardest to only use products that are cruelty-free/vegan. So although this product does wonders for my hair I am still quite on the fence about whether or not to repurchase solely because it may not be cruelty-free. I'm hopeful that this product is legitimately cruelty-free because that would just make this product holy grail status. Overall I love this product and how it's rejuvenated my hair and would recommend it to those who have the same hair type as myself (thick, dry, and course).  

Have you guys heard and or used these products? What were your guy's thoughts on them? 

The product is in fact cruelty-free. One of the Original Sprout representatives reached out to me and did in fact inform and reassured me that their products are cruelty-free! So win-win! Check them out for great vegan/cruelty-free products that will do wonders for your hair 

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