June Highlights + Favorites 2016

July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July everyone! To start off this month I'm actually going to take you guys back to last month and go over some highlights and a couple of products I loved during the month of June! Side note: It just started raining ridiculously out of nowhere! I feel Fourth of July in Nashville is always rainy. It's sunny at first to where you think it's going to be a perfect day to go to the park or the lake and BBQ, but of course, it has to rain out of nowhere and ruin everything. But hopefully this downpour won't ruin anyone's fireworks tonight, although I feel a lot of people celebrated last night, myself included. 
Anyway getting on with what this blog post is really about! Let's start with some moments I wanted to high light on that happened last month. 
  • First thing being my trip to New York! It was Anthony and I's two year anniversary and I feel I've already touched on this topic enough already but if you want to watch what we did to celebrate click here and watch the vlog! 
  • Next is my cousin Vincent coming to visit for a couple days. He's in the navy so I rarely ever get to see him and I believe this was probably my first time seeing him in over a year! 
  • Then there was that one high school kid that I mentioned in one of my vlogs. The one kid that hoped the snack bar counter and then stole an ice cream. I don't want to necessarily call these incident with this kid as a "highlight" but just something that was quite memorable that happened this month (lol)
  • The last on my list is the Jack Garratt concert. Before the concert I wouldn't have said that I was a die-hard fan but I still  enjoyed the concert. And now I would say I am definitely a fan and would love to see him perform again. 
Now moving along with the favorites for this month. I wanted to start off with a movie! I have a love-hate relationship with horror films because I love a good horror film but I hate how paranoid I get afterwards. But that's how you know that the movie was good because it will give you that lingering creepy feeling and The Conjouring 2 has definitely made it on my list of good horror films.
Photo Source : Australia Unwrapped 

 I screamed soooooo loud when the spirit in the film first showed up, I'm going to try and not give away any spoilers, but anyone who's watch the movie probably knows what scene I'm talking about. (THIS IS MY HOUSE ps. not a Flo-Rida song reference) If you are a fan of the Insidious series and loved the first Conjouring movie then you absolutely enjoy watching this.

Two animes that I binged watched like crazy last month were two romance animes. The first one being Kimi Ni Todoke. And I first heard about this when it came out as a manga back in 2008 or so. The story line is focused on a girl named Sawako who has basically been ostracized from the other kids in school because she has long black hair and her name resembles the same name as the girl in the movie (Japanese version) "The Ring." So people have always been afraid of her because of her appearance. Then one day she runs into a boy named Kazehaya and instead of being afraid of her he treated her like a friend and the rest is history.
Photo Source : Hulu 

 I started the anime a couple years back as well only to give up on it for some reason. Now, ever since I finished the anime, I've been on the hunt to find it on DVD because I enjoyed watching this anime THAT much. This anime has one of the best character development progression I have ever seen in a romance anime. Usually in romance animes the girl is whiny and finds a guy who is, at first, cold-hearted but then you see his softer side as the anime progesses, leaving less character development being seen for the female than the male. (USUALLY) But with Kimi Ni Todoke it's not just focused on the blossoming romance between Sawako and Kazehaya, but Sawako blossoming into a better person in which Kazehaya keeps falling more and more deeply in love with. I will warn those who are planning on watching this anime, without any reading of the manga prior, that you will be SOOO frustrated toward the last couple of episodes because apparently no one seems to communicate their feelings well and there's just so many misunderstandings even though everything is so obvious. I am determined to read the manga now because a lot of the story got cut out in the anime so to feed the bittersweet feeling of finishing this anime, I am going to start all over and read the manga (haha).

The second anime I watched this month was "Blue Spring Ride." It was just in my suggestions on Crunchyroll and I saw that it was only 12 episodes long and of course I had nothing better to do so I thought I'd give it a watch. 
Photo Source : Hulu 
I am so happy with myself for going through with watching this anime because the story was fairly unique. The main characters are Yoshioka Futaba and Kou Mabuchi. When the characters are first introduced they are in middle school and, you guessed it, they both have a crush on each other. Yoshioka has always been popular with the boys but because of that it's caused a lot of the other girls in her class to not like her, simply out of jealousy. Kou was always the nice guy and had a kind heart. However one day Kou moved away and the two never got the chance to tell each other how they feel. Then fast-forward to high school, Yoshioka has completely changed her ways since middle school. She's a lot messier and more tom-boy like to ensure that no guys will like her and that also the other girls in her class won't hate her. But one day at school Yoshioka runs into a boy who looks actually like Kou, but the look-alike is the exact opposite. He's cold, rude, and seems to not care about anything. But this look-alike isn't just a look-alike but the real Kou. The rest of the story focuses on the two reuniting and seeing rekindle the lost love they had back in middle school. Although the ending is a bit bittersweet and leaves you wanting more, it still leaves you a feeling of content and that feel-good feeling. 

Now for music I have unapologetically  been playing two songs on constant repeat all last month. So my aux cord in my car has been acting all funky so I've kind of been forced to listen to the radio. So while I'm drowning in terrible radio music, I manage to get a breath of air when the songs "Toothbrush" by DNCE and "We Don't Talk Anymore" by Charlie Puth come on. At first when I heard "Toothbrush" I had no idea it was Joe Jonas singing, but when I first heard the song I just couldn't get it out of my head and I caved and bought the song off iTunes. Same goes for Charlie Puth. I don't know what it is with me and liking emotional songs while I'm being an emotional wreck, but this song hit me in the feels...HARD. It's not that I have that one person that I don't talk to anymore that I wished I still talked to, but I was just imaging what it were to be like if Anthony and I were ever in that situation. The situation where we broke up, and both sides not knowing that the other was still very much in love with them as before. 

An accessory that I am head over heels for are these sunglasses from the Too Faced and Quay collaboration. And let's just all ignore how dirty the sunglasses pouch got, okay? (LOL) I first saw these on Kathleen Light's Instagram and seriously bought them two seconds later. They are such good quality and they're pink which makes them even better! Unfortunately these were limited edition and so they're no longer available :(

 I've always had trouble with acne scarring and although my acne has calmed down tremendously since high school, I still get that occasional pimple and they always seem to leave their mark. A lot of my acne scars healed over time, but took a LONG time to fade. However I've noticed that even though the acne scars are fading that over time they really have accumulated and since I usually break out in the same areas, they scars tend to overlap each other. So basically after one scar faded another appeared not too long after leading to an endless cycle of fading and reappearing. I decided to look into some skin care products to help with acne scaring and stumbled upon this. I decided to try it on impulse and I've been using it for the past three months and I can honestly say that I have noticed a difference with my skin and acne scarring. The scars appear a lot lighter and some have even completely disappeared (this only goes for those scars that were basically already almost faded away.) The product is a clear gel and it's recommended to be applied nightly just before going to bed. I usually use two pumps of this to cover my entire face. The product doesn't have a strong scent and it doesn't irritate my skin at all. And I would say I use this about 4 times a week. So if you're dealing with the same acne scarring and have tried everything but nothing seems to work, I would look into this product! It's a bit pricey or a small bottle, but I've been using it for three consecutive months and I still have about 80% of the bottle left to use (lol). You can purchase this at any Sephora location, and possibly some Ulta stores, the Murad website, or  you can just click the link here

And that concludes this month's highlights and favorites. Don't forget to check back on the blog for more posts! In the mean time add me on Snapchat @ KatSangfroid and subscribe to my YouTube Channel


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