July Favorites 2016

July 29, 2016

Time for another monthly favorites post! I know that in previous favorites I've also been trying to incorporate some events that I wanted to highlight on as well. On the contrary, I'll be honest and say July was a very boring and uneventful month for me which also explains the lack of vlogs I put out this month. So this month is focusing primarily on key items and things that I absolutely loved during the month of July and if you're interested to see what they were then keep on reading! 
Starting things off with the cutest item I have to mention, a Gudetama plushie! My friend Monty got this for me when he went to Hawaii and it is the cutest thing in the universe! It has this bacon blanket and a very detailed butt. And everyone knows how much I love Gudetama and I love anything Gudetama-related that would feed my obsession. I'm not sure if you can find this online because I checked the Sanrio website, since Gudetama is under Sanrio, but couldn't find anything. And I checked Amazon but couldn't find this exact plush. So I'm not sure if you can find this online but I'm sure any local Japanese/Asian/Kawaii Related store should have something similar. 
An accessory item I've been loving all month is this Hello Kitty purse/backpack that my cousin Vincent got me when he came to visit. I absolutely love the color palette, it's totally in my element. I've been getting a lot of compliments on this bag too! Although I am not the biggest fan of Hello Kitty, I still very much like the bag itself. I could probably do without the huge,golden Hello Kitty head logo on the front flap, but it's no biggie. I also love the gold detailing and chain on the purse as well and just gives it that extra girly touch. I prefer to wear the bag as a purse as opposed to a backpack, but I like having the option of either or. 
Next in my favorites for this month is an app that the vast majority has been playing. And I'm sure all of you already know what app I'm going to talk about, that's right...Pokemon Go. This game is so addicting and is basically every 90's kids wish come true. If you don't know what this app is it's an app that enables you to catch Pokemon wherever you go. You can also battle gyms and also it helps you get your daily exercise in. (Gotta hatch those 10 km eggs!) The app is very unique because it really does interact with the real world. I would go more into detail about the app but that's basically the gist of it. 
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A movie that I enjoyed this month was Quentin Tarintino's "Inglourious Basterds." My best friend Eshie recommended that I watched it and I loved every bit of it. I loved Brad Pitt's accent (lol). Also I enjoyed watching a movie that took a real life incident and kind of twisted it around and kind of makes you wonder "What if that really happened?" If you haven't seen it yet, it is a movie set in the time of World War II and Brad Pitt is an American lieutenant that is rounding up Jewish-American soldiers along with other badass killers (The Inglorious Bastereds) to infiltrate France territories that have been taken over by the Nazis and to take them, and Hilter, down for good. 
Photo Source : IGN 
And saving the best for last, a tv series that I absolutely loved this month was "Stranger Things." It's been talked about all over Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and so on. It's a Netflix Original Series, therefore it's only available on that platform. SOOO if you don't have a Netflix, sign up for a free month trial, or find a friend that has a Netflix account so you (and your friends) can binge watch this show. It's only 8 episodes long and I finished it in two days, but would've been able to finish it in one if I didn't start it out so late at night the first day. To summarize what the show is about it focuses on two main things: 1) Secret government testing and 2) a group of boys trying to find their friend that randomly goes missing. The two focus points eventually come together and it just sucks you in and makes you want to know whether or not these boys will ever find their friend. It also makes you wonder if government testing like this really does happen in real life. Might I add that my favorite character in the show was most definitely Dustin. His character was the voice of reason and yet also the comedic relief throughout the show. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed this show, I know everyone who has me on Snapchat probably wants me to shut up about it already, but I doubt I'll shut up about it any time soon because I need every single one of you guys to go and watch this show right now and just understand how amazing this show was. Also with how the series ended it does leave you with a big cliff hanger hinting at the possibility of a season 2. I think a second season would be great and I will for sure be binge watching the second season when and if it comes out. 
And that concludes this months favorites. I know, it was really short. But like I said my life was a lot more boring than it usually was this month so I didn't really have much to talk about, but I hope you guys still managed to enjoy this post and possibly got introduced to some new things you might wanna check out! 

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