Game of Thrones Nashville Convention 2017!!!!

July 20, 2016

Photo Source: News Channel 5
Great news for all you Game Of Thrones fans living in the Nashville area! Next year Nashville will be having it's very own Game of Thrones convention for the first time! When I first heard about this I didn't know if it was all just a rumor, but nope! It's officially been announced in The Tennesseean Newspaper and there's already even a set date for the convention! (June 30, 2017-July 2, 2017)
I am so excited and I am dying to hear if there will be cast members there! Selling my soul to Satan so that Emelia Clarke and Kit Harrington will be there, for sure! I would stand in line for hours just to meet them and just thinking about being in their presence, I'm having an ultimate fan girling moment right now sorry not sorry. 

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