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July 27, 2016

I have never been much of a book worm, but once I get my hands on a good read, I am filled with determination to finish the book in one sitting. However I haven't been doing as much reading lately. I've gone to my local library and checked out a few books (majority of the time at random), only to be bored and not finish half the books I pick out. I thought that maybe picking books at random would make things a little more interesting seeing as I don't necessarily have a favorite genre of books. Wait. Scratch that. I do gravitate toward mystery and thriller books, and a good romance novel doesn't hurt every once in a while. So without much luck picking books at random I decided to go on a book hunt! I browsed a couple book titles and recommendations from other bloggers and book sites and these are a handful of the ones that caught my eye the most! 

book wishlist

book wishlist by sangfroid on Polyvore

1. Palo Alto by James Franco is a book with a very controversy topic. I wouldn't expect any less from James Franco because I've noticed that everything he writes/produces always goes against social norms and this book is no exception. It is about a love story between a male teacher and a female student. I believe this is also a movie so maybe after I read the book I'll watch the movie in comparison.

2. The Diary Of An Oxygen Thief by Anonymous. I heard about this book through Instagram after I saw someone post a page from it and it instantly made me want to read this book. From my understanding it's about someone very cold-hearted and makes people fall in love with them only to break their hearts out of pure sadist pleasure. Ironically, tables are turned when the exact same thing happens to the protagonist of the story.
3. The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night is a mystery book about a boy who is framed for the murder of his neighbor's dog. The story revolves around solving the mystery of what really happened to the dog and why it happened.
4. We Have Always Lived In The Castle.

5. 1047 Reasons To Smile might seem a little random but for some reason I couldn't stay away from it. I feel it'll be one of those books that you just go to whenever you're having a crummy day and need a little pick me up. Because sometimes you're just having one of those days where you feel life just sucks and sometimes you just need a reminder that there are still reasons to be happy, and apparently this book gives you 1,047 of them.

6. Vegan Bowl Attack! Lately I've been wanting to learn how to be a better cook and learn new recipes. I'm not 100% vegan but I thought maybe buying a cookbook would help. There aren't very many vegan restaurants here in Nashville so vegan entrees are very limited. So I thought being able to make vegan meals at home would help solve that problem somehow.

7. Pale and Interesting is my ultimate aesthetic goals. I plan on getting my own place someday and being able to decorate my place anyway I want is so exciting to me. Of course my choice of home decor is very simple and minimalist but a touch of pastels never hurt anyone. I feel this book would help me a lot in reaching those home decor goals.

8.  The New Book Of Chinese Medicine sounds like something that would feed into my obsession with nutrition, the human anatomy, and overall wellness. I've always had an interest of how there is a whole field of Oriental Medicine and how there are natural ways to cure something.

What are some book suggestions that you guys have? Did any of these books seem interesting to you?

Happy Wednesday,
Kat Sangfroid. 

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