Sailor Moon Drop App Review

June 12, 2016

Die hard Sailor Moon fans I have some good news for you! A new Sailor Moon game app has just recently been released to the US called "Sailor Moon Drops." This game was first released only to certain countries like Canda and Japan but now it is available to those living in the states, like myself! The game is very much like the basis of Candy Crush/Bejweled but follows the story line of the television series. It's a super cute app and anyone that's a fan of Sailor Moon would surely get a kick out of this! I know I've searched for Sailor Moon apps in the past only to find generic/sketchy apps that didn't necessarily leave a good impression. But now with this game I'm nothing but excited to play it! And knowing how I can get with these types of games I have to get 3 stars on every level and unlock and obtain every single item throughout the game.  
The story line starts right off the bat with episode one where Usagi first becomes Sailor Moon. Your mission throughout the playing board and different levels is to find the other sailor scouts so they can help you find the Moon Princess. Pictured below is the map/gaming board that you will go through and along the way you can see different shadows where you'll meet another Sailor Scout or a possible enemy. So far there are 100+ levels which is awesome considering this game was just released. 
As you find Sailor Scouts they each have their own special attacks and also unlockable poses. You also need specific characters in order to defeat certain levels hence their different attacks and specialties. If you find yourself out of moves/hearts Tuxedo mask will come to the rescue. But if you're like me and don't want to spend gems you can add friends and ask them to send you hearts in order to keep moving on. If you find yourself not having friends who play this game you can just wait for the hearts to regenerate which usually only takes about half an hour. 
I admit the game is a bit frustrating at times because you may find yourselves stuck on a level for days or even weeks, but the game is super cute and, in my opinion, aesthetically pleasing. Also the game offers the convenience of playing on your phone/ipad/tablet either in portrait view or landscape view. 
Throughout the game you encounter levels where you find treasure chests or keys. The keys enable you from unlocking the next level and the treasure chests either include keys or other collectible items like wallpapers. 
Overall the Sailor Moon Drops game is something all Sailor Moon fans can enjoy. It's something fun to play when you have some down time and a very easy game to understand. Also if you're especially into games like Candy Crush or Bejeweled then this will definitely be something you'd enjoy. Everything is free unless you want to buy the extra power-ups and special items, but you can still fully enjoy the game without having to spend a penny! So if you're a Sailor Moon fan or just looking for a new game to play on your phone I would check this one out for sure! 


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