Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival 2016

April 11, 2016

This past Saturday I attended my very first Cherry Blossom Festival! Ironically enough though there weren't any cherry blossoms. I decided to be festive and even wore pink! I wish I wore a warmer outfit too because despite how sunny it was it was actually extremely windy and cold. When we first arrived to the event the first thing we did was eat. Then the very last thing we did was eat lol. There were a lot of cute booths and I wanted to do the Sumo Wrestling but I didn't have $5 in cash. There were super cute cosplayers out too! My favorite ones were the Sesshomaru and Rin and their puppy Hero was the absolute cutest! Also I saw two pugs and the most adorable corgi named Zeus! I felt the event was more of a Doggy Day Festival than a Cherry Blossom one. Speaking of Doggy Festivals though, I am sooooo upset with myself because in Murfreesboro there was a Pug Festival and I totally forgot about it! I am so mad at myself, but I will definitely not miss out on the next one. 
I hope you guys had a good weekend and enjoy your Monday! Also check out this week's vlog and while you're at it don't forget to subscribe! 

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