Foodie Fridays : Five Daughters Bakery

April 22, 2016

And the donut just sat there with a glazed expression. 

Bottom Left : Vanilla Cream // Top Left: Paleo Chocolate Raspberry // Top Right: Vegan Strawberry Glazed // Bottom Right: Chocolate Raspberry

Top Left: Vanilla Cream // Bottom Left: Vegan Strawberry Glazed // Top Right: Strawberry // Bottom Right: Chocolate Caramel 
The biggest weakness my boyfriend Anthony and I have would most definitely be donuts. So of course when he was in town earlier this month we had to check out Five Daughters Bakery. Everyone raves about how good their donuts are and after taking just a bite out of one of their 100 layer donuts I can see why. If I could eat only one thing every day for the rest of my life it would hands down be their chocolate raspberry 100 layered donut. OH MY GOD I can't stop craving it. It was indescribably beyond delicious that once you're done eating your donnuts you want to instantaneously go back and buy more. Five Daughters is a dangerous place and now that Anthony and I know of their existence I don't know how we're going to control ourselves and not buy them out of all their donuts because seriously you donuts ever. Also they have paleo and vegan options as well which is also a big plus in my book! I'm still waiting for the day they make the Vegan Unicorn Donuts again but for right now I'll just have to enjoy all the other great donuts they have until then. 

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