Foodie Fridays : Avo

April 15, 2016

An avocado! Thaaaaaaanks

Kimchi Spring Rolls
Avocado Margarita $7 each

Pad Thai

Cookie Dough "Cheesecake"
I absolutely fell in love with Avo the first time I went here. I heard about them last year when they first opened up, what really drew me in were their avocado margaritas. Avo is Nashville's very first raw and plant-based restaurants and I am so disappointed that there aren't more restaurants like this in Nashville! My boyfriend is a vegetarian so sometimes it's hard for us to pick a place to eat out at because a lot of restaurants in Nashville are centralized around meat. So whenever my boyfriend is in town we always have to come to Avo at least once. Even if you aren't vegan but are wanting to try something a little out of your comfort zone I would H I G H L Y  recommend checking this place out. The food is super fresh and tasty. Also do not skip out on dessert because that cookie dough "cheesecake" puts the Cheesecake Factory to shame. SO GOOD. The other dishes we ordered were the Kimchi spring rolls for an appetizer and for the main course we shared their take on Pad Thai. All of it was, of course, super delicious, but the cheesecake was definitely my favorite out of everything we ordered. Of course don't forget to get an avocado margarita (or two) while you're there! And if you want to check out their website do so by following this link! Also follow them on their Instagram @eatavo and get the latest updates!

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