Nike Zoom Pegasus 32

March 9, 2016

*Thinks To Self* "Hopefully people will focus on the shoes and not on the fact that I haven't shaved since December" 
Running has become a new found hobby of mine. I go running just about 4-5 times a week and with all that running my shoes have been through a lot. I thought I could withstand running in my old Nike Free Run 3's for the rest of the month before getting a new pair, but last week's runs were killing my feet and calves. So one day I just said "F--K it" and went to the mall on the hunt for a new pair of shoes. 
Luckily enough the Nike store had a pair of the shoes I've been wanting! Last time I went shoe shopping they were sold out, but second times the charm and fortunately I got the last pair! I took that as a sign to get them and I couldn't neglect my feet any longer. The shoes I got (if you couldn't tell by the title) were the Nike Zoom Pegasus 32's. I have been wanting these for months since I first saw them on the Nike Running Instagram and I finally got them on sale for $90 but they regularly retail at about $120. 
I've been running in them for exactly a week now and when I first ran in these shoes I felt great at first but they started to hurt my feet after the second mile, but  that's to be expected when breaking in new shoes. After the next couple days and a handful of runs later I would say that I really do like these shoes. They're really easy to run in and give a lot of support. They have a slight weight to them but it's not like I'm running with cinder blocks tied to my feet or anything. Since wearing these shoes I feel my running has improved quite a lot. I ran my shortest timed mile in these and I've noticed that I can run for a lot longer as well. Probably what I like the most about these shoes is the support it gives my feet. My feet are pretty close to being flat-footed but with how arched the soles are, they help keep me in good form while running. They still need another day or two to be completely broken in but already I feel I've made a good choice in buying these. And if you're interested in a pair you can purchase them at any Nike store location, Nike.Com, or Finish Line

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