Messy Hair

March 12, 2016

Sometimes messy hair can be cute. Gigi Hadid makes it work so why can't you? Why can't I? I'm not sure if anyone is interested or curious how I did my hair but basically what I did was use two claw hair clips on both sides of my head and kind of bunched up my hair in a semi-side pony tail. I framed my face with some pieces of hair to keep the look messier and the curls are about three days old, which I believe is the best way to achieve an effortless "messy" look because if you have fresh curls they're a bit too stiff. 

I hope you guys are having a good day so far! Pedro and I spent our day watching anime and eating junk food. Also to purchase your own cute alpaca plush you can check Amazon and just search "arkapasso plush" or "alpaca plush." I got both of my alpaca plushies from an anime convention but any Asian market should have them like Japan LA or even Hot Topic!

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