Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

February 8, 2016

Got a hot date this Valentine's Day but don't know what to wear? My solution: always keep it cute but simple, sensual but classy. To project this style I created some looks on Polyvore for some ideas and inspiration. I've created looks for both the girls and guys out there and I"m sure you can find all these pieces anywhere, but if you would like a direct link to a specific item just let me know in the comments below and I'll be sure to get back to you! 
These first two outfits are a bit more on the dressier side. I really love the way the first outfit came out. It has a vintage vibe to it, but more modern. Whenever I wear a midi skirt and an overcoat I try to make sure the lengths of the two match or the overcoat is longer, because it looks a bit awkward sometimes when your skirt is poking out from the bottom of your jacket/coat. Also by making sure the lengths are the same it will also ensure a more flattering silhouette. For the night time look I went with a classic red dress and a matching lip, but a nude lip always works too if you're not comfortable with wearing darker lip shades. Also with the Night Out look I was originally wanting to include a dress with a plunging neckline, since it's on trend and very sexy, but then I felt that even with a body con dress like the one pictured above, it can still deliver the same effects of both trendy and sexy without being too revealing. 

 For the girls who want to be more comfortable but still cute on Valentine's Day a major key point to keep in mind is to know what you feel most comfortable in. These two outfits are more toned down and what I would be more likely to wear. I kept the majority of the outfits neutral but with a slight hint of red and pink in the nails and accessories, just to make it more Valentine's Day appropriate. But you are more than welcome to incorporate more pinks, reds, and florals into your Valentine's Day OOTD til your heart's content!
Casual-Cool automatically gives off a sense of being aloof and we all know that a guy with a mysterious side always leaves us wanting more. *wink* To accomplish a more casual-cool attire you want to be more than just a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy, so throwing in a piece of outerwear like a flannel or button up will liven up your style. If you want to go the extra mile you can accessorize with a casual watch or sleek glasses. (Don't forget the bouquet of flowers, showing up empty-handed is almost just as bad as showing up in an outfit that's poorly put together) For your special late night adventure on Valentine's night I would recommend to ditch the suit and tie business. Are you going on a date? Or a business meeting? Show up in a nice, sleek button up and trousers while smelling extra good will certainly leave a good impression on that lucky Valentine of yours *wink*

A single color palette gives an instant sophisticated silhouette and for some reason it makes a man ten times more attractive. Also sticking to a single color gives an effortless look and (no offense) but you're no David Beckham, but dressing like him is still just as good. Of course if you decide to go all white you are prone to stains and getting dirty, so if you're not feeling quite confident wearing all white definitely go for all black. I believe sticking to neutrals when going for a single color outfit is best because wearing all red or more vibrant colors will come off as tacky and too over the top. 
The biggest tip this coming up Valentine's Day is to treat your Valentine right while looking nice *thumbs up* and hopefully these outfit templates inspired some outfit ideas for you guys! 

And for those who did happen to notice,yes I did post this before, but there was a minor mishap here at Kat Sangfroid HQ and the original post was deleted. Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed putting these outfits together for you! 

Happy Monday <3

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