Saturday: It's Lit

February 27, 2016

Buy my mixtape, fam. It's lit. 

Met the super chill and sweet Miriam, one of the owners of Top Knot Vintage! 
For those who are wondering, my shirt says "CAFFEINE"

 Ariele and I getting our Khaleesi vibes going on. 

Iced Mocha @ Barista Parlor 

 Why do my feet look so big? 
Lock and Loaded. 

Ariele and I switched faces on Snapchat and I was crying from laughing so hard hahaha. 

More Nashville adventures occurred today. First stop was Top Knot Vintage and checking out their new shop they opened up yesterday. I found and wanted a lot of cute things there and also got a free cookie! I ended up only buying one shirt, but I'm more than sure that I'll be back again soon. I also got to meet one of the owners, Miriam! She was ultra chill, nice, and an overall sweetheart! After TKV, Ariele and I were pretty hungry and Barista Parlor was just down the road. Of course getting distracted we stopped by some other cute boutiques on the way there. One of the stops included Sister's Of Nature, and I would've bought out the whole store if I could, everything they had was super cute! When Ariele and I finally got to Barista Parlor we were so lost lol. It was our first time there so we weren't all too sure how or where to order. The coffee was bomb and the set up was really unique, the only bad thing I would have to say is that their service was kind of "eh". The person that took our order seemed very snotty and you could tell they were impatient with us for not knowing "coffee lingo" or whatever, but I was pretty whatever about it. I'll probably come back if I'm ever in the area. [I don't want to label a coffee shop as "bad" just because of one bad worker's attitude, and if you're interested in checking this place out please don't let my one experience make you second guess going here!] After a coffee break, we went to Mitchell's for sandwiches. I didn't get any good photos because I was too busy enjoying my food lol. But to end the night we stopped by work and visited our friends to deliver donuts! 
Now it's almost 10 pm and I'm pretty worn out. But I would say today was yet another successful Saturday! Hope you guys had a fun Saturday as well! 

Photos taken via iPhone 6 by Ariele + Edited via VSCO Cam App. 

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