Photo Diary // My Weekend Off : Part Two

February 21, 2016

Target: Everyone's favorite place

I never knew how good funnel cake went with beer. Then again funnel cake is always good no matter what.
Cute pastel polishes by Sinful Colors

The home decor items at Target are so cute! I wanted it all! 

Not sure why the ice cream was on a plate, but it was still super yummy! 
Continuing on from yesterday's post, last night I went over to my friend's house for a good ol' game of Cards Against Humanity. Then as the night went on we went bowling, but of course being the grandma that I am, I couldn't hang out too late so I ended up leaving around 1 am. Now fast forward to Sunday. Today wasn't quite as eventful as yesterday. I didn't get out of bed until about noon and even then I just lounged around the house. I worked on some more blog posts and watched a bit of anime while waiting for Eshie to get off work. We ended up going to Target because Target is always fun, also I needed a few things and just wanted to get out the house. If you have me on Snapchat then you would've seen how I was being pushed around in the cart by Eshie. I'm actually quite surprised at how not surprised people were to see me riding in the cart lol. They probably thought I was so immature, but it was pretty fun haha. (YOLO) Afterwards we went to Ninja Sushi with Ariel and John. It was right down the road so it was super convenient. I ordered the shrimp tempura roll and it was pretty good. The green tea ice cream was my favorite part though. 
Also who caught tonight's episode of The Walking Dead? I missed it again! But I'll just watch it tomorrow. I'm about to call it a night now, I hope you guys all had a good Sunday! 

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