Photo Diary// My Weekend Off : Part One.

February 20, 2016

Out in the courtyard at Imogene + Willie on 12th Avenue South
Local Honey is a thrift store and hair salon located in the Belmont Area right next door to Proper Bagel. 

Found a super cute hat in the men's section, but it was a tad too big :(
Handmade jewelry by The Gypsy Fawn 

I got a slice of "The Informant" and Ariele got a slice of "The Bellagio." 
In love with my new "Blogging All Day Shirt" I got from Forever 21. It was the perfect match for me! 

Hanging out with a couple pricks at Imogene + Willie.
Find this mural on the side of Green Pea Salon on 12 Ave. South!  

I haven't had a weekend off in so long and not having to go into work today was absolutely wonderful. I admit, it was a bit strange sleeping in and not having to get ready for work. I guess you can say it was a force of habit. But of course I wasn't going to let this wonderful weekend pass me by so I definitely took advantage of my free day. My friend Ariele and I went over to the Belmont area and checked out Local Honey's big sale! I copped two tops for only $17! After some minor shopping we went to Mafiaoza's for some pizza. I know this is going to be tough to say but I think I like their pizza just a hair bit better than Five Points. After filling out bellies we had to walk some of it off and walked around the 12th South District. I love walking around 12th South because it's such a quiet little area but with lots of cute little shops and restaurants to see. Also if you look in the right places there are awesome murals to take pictures with and they're all within walking distance of each other. This is only part one of my weekend off so be sure to check back again later for part two! Also shout out to Ariele for being my own personal photographer for the day <3
Hope you are all having a great Saturday! 

All photos were taken via iPhone 6 and edited on the VSCO Cam app. 

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